PS4: No Backward Compatibility, but Used Games are OK

Sony’s next Playstation, PS4, Has Ups and Downs

Some people are pretty darned upset about PS4’s complete and utter lack of hardware backward compatibility. Personally, I think that’s a good thing, for reasons I’ll explain in a future blog post, but for now let’s just make it clear. A fair number of very vocal Playstation fans are pissed. Therefore, it’s best to avoid some of the comment forums altogether right now on the PS4.

But none to fret, it’s not all bad! No, there’s a ray of light! It’s this: Sony’s patent for blocking used games from playing on the system will continue to go unused.  PS4 gamers will be able to happily snatch up all the $5-off used copies they can find at a local Gamestop. Or, if you’re a really sharp nerd, wait for Gamefly to drop some games into its regular clearance sales.

That brings me to the question: which side of the fence are you on? Are used games a must for you, or does a lack of backward compatibility stand up as a dealbreaker for you? I’m seriously curious. I’d love to see your responses in the comments section.

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