PS4 Exclusives Teased

What would be the point of announcing a new console if you weren’t also going to announce new games to go with it? None, that’s what! Games make the machine worth its salt, after all, and Sony appears to have shown up ready to play. Follow me as I go through a few of the PS4 exclusives and tell me all about how excited you are. You know you want to!

PS4 Infamous Second SonMost interesting (to me, anyway) is the announcement of Infamous: Second Son, which looks to be nine kinds of bad-ass. I’ll update with screenshots as soon as I have some of decent quality. The story seems to be going in the direction of an outbreak of superhuman assholes. It’s like X-Men where everybody’s a dick. I’m guessing Cole will be back in town to show ‘em how to act like a real damn hero. Or something.


Drive Club PS4 Playstation 4Drive Club: Team Based Racing brings both asynchronous and real time racing over the internet to teams of players. Looks pretty slick, though I have to admit I’m not a racing game fan. For those of you who are, what are you hoping for out of this that you don’t get from Gran Turismo or Forza?


Killzone: Shadowfall looks downright amazing.PS4 Killzone Shadowfall



Killzone Shadowfall PS4 GameplayJonathan Blow announces The Witness as a PS4 timed exclusive at launch. I was a big fan of Braid, so I’m hoping his next effort will turn out to be great as well. Good to see Sony’s giving some love to smaller, less “everything go boom” games!


That’s it for the games (unless I missed one, which is likely) for now, but I’ll have updates and better screenshots ASAP. Tell me what you think in the comments!image

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