It’s Official: PS4 announced, AMD kicks Cell to the Curb

Playstation 4 Dual Shock 4

PS4 Announced and Ups the Ante

Sony has taken the wraps off the Playstation 3’s successor, after much rumor and speculation. As it turns out, much of that speculation was spot on. The system features a surprisingly robust array of goodies. Check out all the details of the PS4 announced!


Playstation 4 Features:

8 core AMD x64 processor

8GB of unified memory (no word yet on whether it’s DDR3 or DDR5)

Hard drive

Dual Shock 4 controller (so much for those “dumping dual shock branding” rumors) with “enhanced rumble,” touchpad and IR light for camera sensor.

PS4 Dual Shock 4 Touchpad

Sensor/camera bar (looks like a smaller Kinect, sort of) for tracking player positions

PS4 Sensor Camera Bar

176GB/s system bandwidth

GPU with “general purpose computational device” capabilities (probably similar to what nVidia’s done with CUDA)

A custom secondary chip handles background processing such as uploads and downloads. Console features a “Suspend/Resume” feature that picks up exactly where you left off. Sony believes a sense of “immediacy” is important for gamers (and they’re probably right, impatient lot that we are Smile)

As expected, system can record and upload gameplay videos as you play. You can browse live video feeds of what your friends are playing at that exact moment (which is both awesome and creepy).

Smartphone support for browsing videos and challenging friends to matches.

If this is the PS4 UI, as it seems to be, it appears Sony has adopted some very “Windows 8 Modern UI” design principles—a very welcome change.


Great System Features

The system will track your preferences and automatically download recommended content. Wonder if you can turn that off, as it could become a big problem for those on metered connections.

The system will tell you what games your friends have downloaded (clever idea, could yield new sales!) and recommend them.

Oh, and here’s some big news: Gaikai technology will allow you to instantly experience anything you want—no lite versions—and you only buy what you want to buy.

Facebook and Ustream integration. Interesting choices.Dave Perry says they’ll “create the first social network with games,” apparently having missed the existence of Miiverse.

Share button on controller will broadcast your gameplay in real time. Hmm. Interesting idea!

Now this is slick: you can have a friend take over control of your game over the internet and help you through a place where you’re stuck. Clever idea!

Ooh, and here they’ve snagged some Nintendo love: full games on PS4 can be played on Vita.

PS4 Remote Play with Vita

“Someday, we could put PS 1, 2 and 3 games on PS4” –there’s your confirmation, folks, no backward compatibility.


Those are the big deets for the system today, what do you think? Are you satisfied? Let us know in the comments!

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