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Looking for game creation software?  Look no further.  Full Packages below, and even more after the jump!

Full Packages:

(animation, rigging, modeling, texturing, physics, rendering, etc.)
Blender (free)
Softimage/XSI (Free; game mod only, has restrictions)
Shade ($99 – basic: $749 – pro)

Subdivision modelers (organic modeling using polygons)
Wings 3D (free)
Hexagon 2.5 (free)
Sketchup (free, and “pro”)
Silo ($109)

Boolean Modeling (non-destructive)
Groboto (currently $50)
CB model pro (free)

Digital sculpting (Modeling, painting, lighting, texturing)
3D coat (Non-destructive voxel modeling; $99, $349)
Sculptris (free; has a free downloadable material editor; MatCrea)

3D figure (customizing, texturing, lighting, posing, animation)
Daz 3D 4.5 (free)
Mixamo (free and paid)

Landscape & natural environment
(limited modeling, limited animation, landscapes, texturing, lighting, sky)
Bryce 7 (free)
Vue Pioneer (free, and “upscale versions”)

Renderers (Fast, high quality rendering)
Lux Render (free)
Reality 2 (Lux render for Daz Studio – $60)
Furryball ($299)
Maxwell Render (Sketchup version=free; and ‘pro’)
Arion Render ($95, standalone version)
Octane Render ($199)

Kinect: Mo-cap software
Brekel Kinect (free, pro versions here also, $250 for all 3)
Ipi software (from $295 – $995 – gallery)

Dynamic Motion Animation (like ‘Euphoria’)
Ecstasy ($149)

Drawplus (free)
Inkscape (free)

Artrage (Starter edition free {scoll down} and “pro version” – $29)
Artweaver (free)
Twisted Brush (free)

Image editing
Lightbox 2.0 (free)
PhotoPlus (free)
Gimp (free) (free)

Sound editing
Audacity (free)

Movie editing
MoviePlus (free)
Windows Movie Maker (free)

Game engines
Unity (free)
Torque (free)
Spring (free RTS engine)
Shiva (free)
Panda 3D (free)
Cryengine (free for non-commercial use)
Unreal (free for non-commercial use)

Storyboard software
Storyboard Pro (free)

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