Upcoming Consoles and No Used Games

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Go ahead, cut me there, idiots. And watch yourself bleed money. Because I won’t be spending mine.

Yes, this is an angry, but informative rant.

monkey in a barrel

I regularly track forums, to see what peoples basic opinions are about things. And I can tell you that “no used games” is a rather unpopular idea. I will add here that the industry, at least as far as Sony, Microsoft, and a handful of very vocal developers are concerned, seems bent upon forcing digital downloads as the way of the future. So then we get to experience the so-called “savings” which are essentially markups in the long run, when you consider the fact that there’s ultimately no such thing as a digital “bargain bin” full of clearance games that just didn’t sell well. For example, Microsoft and 2K had an offer of “33% less” for a digital download of Borderlands 2 (over Christmas). Meanwhile, the disc based version was on sale at many retailers for $10-$15 cheaper. That’s your best offer? Where I come from, that is called a “scam.”

But, no seriously, take us all for a ride, please.

Of course, the primary problem here is perception. The perception that some companies, specifically games developers, have rights that some people (read: the consumers of said product) and other companies do not, merely because game companies want them. I refer, of course, to the idea that some developers are claiming they get “ripped off” by used games sales because they (gasp!) don’t get paid for used copies of their games–copies, I might add, for which they were already paid. Does a couch manufacturer get a cut if I sell my couch used? Seriously, that is greedy to a whole new level guys. Just try and convince everyone you are ‘the good guys’ after blocking used games, because it won’t happen. Blame the pirates! Blame the consumer! Raise all prices! But by all means, attack us.

Please, please, never blame yourselves for the thousands of lame, crap games you have built and sold, regardless of corporate size. Don’t blame the lousy demos you created, that were actually deceptive on what was really on offer. And on that topic, I’ll add that when it comes to demos, that street goes two ways, and I’ve played many demos that were horrible, boring or just plain annoying, only to learn later that the actual, full, final game was fantastic. Don’t blame the deceptive CGI that had nothing to do with the actual game at all, and completely misrepresented it in every way. Don’t blame the fact that we cannot return a purchased game we have opened. Don’t blame the idea that you want digital downloads for the primary reason of saving money and keeping game prices high. Don’t blame yourselves for making us into beta testers. Don’t blame the many patches, updates, and bugs you skip on past.

Don’tadmit your greed, ever.

So, the economy is bad, and you want to financially kidnap everyone, oh, how compassionate and responsible.

All out of ideas? Still making the same old crap from the way-back-when? Or, are you all just too lazy to consider or offer any real incentives to make games better, and sales increase. (It MUST be the pirates and consumers!) I know, you are magically all right because you are too stupid and greedy to look any other direction.

But I’m ‘nobody’, just the guy who will stop buying your products.

While doing my regular reading, I have come across what amounts to a PS4 patent for blocking used games. It is already known that MS has one (patent) for the new upcoming Xbox. Granted, we don’t know conclusively that they’ll actually use these patents, but on the off chance that Sony and Microsoft are out there, reading this: guess what, guys? Block used games and I’m out! Too rich for me, I will not buy your consoles or games if this comes to pass. Me and many others are bailing out, because guess what? Your new offering will be common hardware, basically what amounts to a PC or Linux box anyway, and the Steambox (if it exists) will be out by then too. So, why would I need X-junk, or PSZ Lamestation? On top of that, Nintendo has already released their next-generation system and I can buy used games for it any time I want with no worries at all.

I might add here that competition will really heat up on you guys, so I hope you made the right choice on failing your customers with your greed. I suspect that there will be more than just you two sitting at the table this round. The only real difference is your hardware will be locked down, as you are trying to behave like all the pharmaceutical industry corporations, by forcing behavior.

It makes me glad to know that in the past, console making corporations have had to invest and lose millions to get the hardware out there, because this round you might actually take a lesson. I hope you really planned well, because if you didn’t, someone smaller is going to beat you senseless and steal your lunch money.

I for one, can hardly wait to see it, if that is the way it really turns out.

But…hey…time changes everything, and maybe it will change you. Ever notice how many free games there are out there on the ‘ol net now? Maybe yours will all end up free too, because I for one have no incentive to play a $60+ game when I can easily get one for free. Hey, I don’t even have to participate in the economy of many, as all I have to do is invest more game time to get the same stuff.

So…why would someone try to steal a free game again?

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