Far Cry 3 how to build used game (Part 5)

Many people have offered a lot of ideas on what a repair job might require on Far Cry 3.


Putting aside for a moment all of the potential “if’s” for gaming’s future that Far Cry 3 has stirred up, here is a list of changes that I suspect Far Cry 3 itself might have implemented for an improved game experience. Continue on to read more…

Campaign, and free roam areas:

  • Race gender: Ability at start to choose the race/gender of the main character or better yet make your own face like in Oblivion/or Mass Effect. While this may have required more than one actor dialog V/O recording session, it would have vastly improved the Far Cry 3 experience. Add, the other trope there was “only white people can be spoiled and rich.”
  • HUD: Ability to turn HUD options off/on for consoles also, for the start.  The first Far Cry bragged about no HUD for immersion then rammed a untouchable HUD down our throats in version 3.
  • Saving: Ability to save anywhere, even in the middle of a mission. (if you want that much failure, it is a need)
  • Dynamic free roam: Ability to actually free roam anywhere in Far Cry 3 without having to open up distant islands by finishing the campaign or conquering an island. Otherwise, it’s NOT quite free roam, now is it?
  • Tools and weapons: Not locking down weapons and abilities.  If the player has enough money and/or skill points let the player buy what is available, same with locking player down to carrying two weapons until later in the game.
  • Not forcing the player to choose between a weapon and a repair tool for the vehicles. That is just lame.  FC2 gave it (vehicle repair tool) to you, so what’s the logic in not doing so in FC3??
  • Pouches: The wallet size dynamic is ridiculous, so is the limited inventory slots.  Limiting the player by weight makes much more sense and is more realistic, in a game that panders to it.  It’s all about controlling what a player can do and preventing them from becoming too powerful.  How about leaving that up to the player?   How about making the player not able to run if he/she is too weighed down instead of a “wallet is too full” (cannot sell item, cannot pick up money) BS limitation?   Limit the amount the store traders can pay you for things as in Oblivion if there is a real logical reason players need to be restricted from obtaining too much cash too fast.
  • Pouches + Inventory: Give players the ability to carry more syringes and arrows if that is what they choose to do.  Why force them to hunt to make specialty carrying pouches? This seemed a lot lot just time killing in the end run of Far Cry 3.  Since when in real life would a person need a special pouch for syringes or ammo or grenades or anything else?   How about just making it much slower to access inventory areas or items if they were all dumped into a backpack with together?  Much more realistic that way and would still encourage players to hunt for skins IF THEY WANT TO, so in a fight it’s quicker to say access a syringe for healing.
  • Failure: Do away with the limited failure parameters of missions.  Let players use every resource or possibility available to them to reach an objective or goal.  Example:  Don’t fail a mission simply because the player didn’t use a knife to kill a designated pirate, as was the goal.  Give the player less of a reward perhaps, but don’t FAIL the player and force them to do it all over.  Stop making missions and goals an all or nothing scenario.  Timed missions where the player is late should have some other outcome other than ‘do it all over again’, reload/failure! sequence.  Auto save at the beginning of a mission and if the player fails let them choose whether to do it over or accept a lessor reward or less satisfying outcome. Free roam sandbox, remember?
  • Map roaming: Allow the players to totally skip the campaign altogether if they choose.  Don’t lock weapons or skills or anything else due to players having to complete a campaign mission to unlock them.  If they earn them with skill points or money let them have them.
  • Fast Travel: Have the fast travel makes sense….but:  At least have them have to get in a vehicle to fast travel and fade to black so we can imagine the character drove to the other part of the island.  Simply zapping to a distant part of the island is convenient, but strips the players of immersion.  How about (instead) having the character call a friendly to give them a ride and they doze during the ride or something? (mini cut scene)
  • Character survival requirements: Some players would have liked a little more realism in terms of human limitations such as need to rest, sleep,  & eat but that is a specific group.
  • Camouflage and infiltration: How about ability to change clothes with pirates?  Kill a heavy armor pirate you get to take his armor as in real life, or lesson your chances at being spotted from afar by pirates if you’re wearing pirate clothes (of course you risk getting shot at by friendlies too).
  • Seriously? A Boss MONSTER? Where did the Fary Cry 3 dev’s steal that from? Amalur: Reckoning? Dungeon Siege II? Try and create your own tropes for a change!!!


  • Open maps play: Open the entire main maps up for co-op play, and better yet, make the campaign at least 2 player co-op enabled. Seriously – are you folks so stuck on your story you would prefer to make a lamer game?
  • Scaling: Allow players in co-op to scale the difficulty for 2, 3, and 4 player co-op.
  • Winning”: Make the co-op goal not a ‘win or fail’ option but script the mission so there is more than one goal so if one is failed another can be won. Again, it is about rewards and incentives, not FAILURE.
  • Tactical: If the entire map in Far Cry 3 can’t be opened for co-op play, at least widen the parameters for more tactical approaches to taking on a base or group of pirates.
  • Controls, etc. Enable the same functions in co-op as in the single player game (e.g. fallen enemy weapon pickups, camera enemy tagging, controls, perks, layouts, setups, button setups, etc.) Don’t try to establish something new.

Map Making, editor:

  • Enable vehicles and all AI to be saved into the maps.
  • Enable co-op play and death match game modes into saved and published maps.
  • Enable map making functions to be mapped to players choice of controller buttons.
  • Fix the FNCKING camera.
  • Don’t yell and advertise “free roam/sandbox/choices!!!” if you are not going to ultimately allow them.
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