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Still a Far Cry From Being Finished: A Report on My Progress
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Well, now that most of the northern (main) map in Far Cry 3 has been cleared of pirate outposts and random chaos pirate violence, I bought some relic maps (at the in game store) to seek relics and WWII letters. There are maps for treasure too, but I find most of that can be discovered along with the relics. You can often see either when you are in the area, (without them) but then they are then lost to you when you leave the area, no longer showing on the in game map at any distance.

Add: Just because you see a relic on the map, (purchased or otherwise) does not mean it will be easy to locate, or even obtain. It is basically like a treasure map of old, saying “basically here”, and you might look and look and never see it or find it, as it requires some…”guessing.” Wanna know why? Follow me after the break and we’ll talk about all the weird little tropes that Far Cry 3 likes to use and sometimes abuse in the name of extended gameplay.

This is why:

1) It‘s likely in a cave

2) It is in a temple

3) It is in an underground cave, very deep, which will require some spelunking (climbing). A map will not specify up or down, high or low.

4) It is in an underwater cave, that will require considerable swimming or diving (wait for perk skill/syringe)

5) It is in a deep cave that will require faith and trust of just what is below (hopefully water!!) and lots of falling/jumping and maybe zip lines. And by that, I mean a huge hole in the ground above, and you just have to jump and hope.

6) Many temple doors/floors have a “circle” stamped on them as a seal. Try a shotgun or grenade to open. It works. Shotguns are safer and cheaper. Rock particles falling can hurt.

7) Sometimes vines block the path – use a machete.

8) Some relics are in deep water, and you need to brave the sharks. many sharks.

9) Some are in VERY deep water, and you will have to brave sharks and drowning. The syringe/deep dive perk helps here.

10) Letters are always Japanese WWII, and typically in a old bunker that has doorways, ladders, or such. These are mostly just searching. Only one was under a “bridge” of sorts, and that was a small disguised gun emplacement.

11) Sometimes relics are just out in the open, or in a small ritual area. I have found maybe 8+ like this. Some are in huts, or some such. But the others might require some mental effort, and are mild puzzles.

Remember Indiana Jones? This is all Indiana Jones stuff, and, after awhile, I found it fun, and challenging. Indiana Jones and the Far Cry 3 Island Adventure, I think. It was fun to search for the opening, and finally locate it, all while facing tigers or bears. I have also found some treasure guarded by 6+ snakes. (cobras = Indiana jones movie easter egg) The worst was fighting the alligator/crocodile…but now I have some new gator shoes to go with my tiger pants and bear rug.

Caves require some effort to get to and find, and thinking. Some require entry from above, as they are high up, which means hiking and climbing. Some require entry from below, as they are located way down. Some I have found have vines to climb to get to, and vines to help climb inside. The relic is fine, but the searching was the fun.

Occasionally, you need to use a hang glider to get there, but that is rare.

There is a “find the tablets” quest that can get you started thinking, or possibly drinking if thinking isn’t your thing. Otherwise there’s always GameFAQ’s, if you’re a shameless cheat.

Interestingly, this aspect of the game is quite relaxing and much like puzzle solving, and is a nice break from all the gunfire and explosions.

I mean, except for the occasional sneaky crocodile that lies in wait. Bastards.

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