Nerdgasm: Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser

Star Trek Into Darkness Brings Trek Back In Name Only, it Seems

Well that was fast. Hot on the heels of Paramount’s new Star Trek Into Darkness poster (which is relatively cool, in a Dark Knight Rises sort of way), they’ve gone and released the next wave of hype for the new sequel, a big, noisy teaser.

So how’s it look? Well…not like a Star Trek movie, that’s for sure. It looks more like Michael Bay and Darth Vader kidnapped the Enterprise and went joyriding. Apparently something explodes, the Enterprise crashes, something else explodes, Kirk grins sheepishly, yet another thing explodes, Uhura gets sad, something’s swallowed by hot lava, Pike does something in his wheelchair, and…then something else explodes.

I hope the movie is better than the trailer makes it out to be, but I suppose only time will tell.

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