Samurai G Review

Samurai G – A simple but fun game available for the Nintendo 3DS.


Samurai G, out today (October 4th, 2012) in the Nintendo 3DS eShop from UFO Interactive Games, is a fun, addicting scrolling game.  In the game you are Tetsuo, the Shining Samurai of legend.  Your mission is to collect as much as Tengu’s Gold as possible while avoiding his deadly assassins and their traps.

The game style is simple: you scroll from left to right while jumping to collect golden coins.  It is not as easy as it sounds though, as you must avoid ninja stars coming at you by either jumping or using your sword.  There are also several traps as you run along.  There are bamboo spears that spring from underground, sharp logs ready to impale you, among other obstacles and as you advance throughout the game these obstacles become deadlier.  There is an “invincible” mode that once activated gives you temporary speed and immunity.


The game keeps track of how many coins you have collected and how many “miles” you have run.  Sadly there is no save so every time once your lives are over you must start from the beginning.  There are two difficulties, normal and advanced.


The graphics are pretty decent for a handheld game.  The colors are sharp and set the mood for the game.  Achievements nuts will like to know that this game has them.  That makes the game replay worthy, as you will try to earn all 24 achievements.  Sound effects and music go right along with the tone of the game.


Overall, this is an addicting game that will give you hours of excitement.  Give it a try.  Samurai G is priced at $1.99.  I consider it a bargain taking into consideration how much fun I have had playing it.  At a price like that you can’t go wrong.

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