Free Website Domain and Hosting from Google!

Google and Intuit give you a free website for a year!

Google and Intuit announced that they are offering free website domain and hosting for one year to small businesses.  Yep, totally free.  You can set yours up here.  The website will come up specific for your state, with facts about how to set up a website and why it’s a good idea.  The offer is good throughout the United States.  You get to pick your domain name (it’s not a subdomain of google, or anything like that, for those of you that remember the days of geocity websites) and set it up using Intuit templates. Per their website, your website includes:

Easy to build Intuit Website
Pick from hundreds of professionally designed templates and customize to make it yours.  

Customized domain name
This is your “address” on the web (for example, 

Web hosting for one year
Your website and domain name is free for year from the day you create your account.  

Online customer support
You’ll receive online chat support free for the first 30 days. Additionally, you have unlimited access to the Intuit Community and Online Help Center. 

Free business listing on Google Maps

Free domain and web hosting from google - all that nerdy stuffAfter thirty days, you will have to pay for online chat support.  However, you can always troll the forums and search online for resources to help you build your site.  They also have learning center up online and are going to be holding events over the next year throughout the country to teach people how to build their free website.

After a year, you’ll have to renew your domain and hosting.  I don’t know if Google or intuit will be offering discounted rates for current subscribers.  We”ll try to update this post when we know.  If not, we tend to recommend Host Gator for domain hosting.

For those of you that don’t have a website, go get one!  Having a free website for your business for a year is a great way to try and increase exposure, as well as be more available for your clients.

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