Bust-n-Rush Review

Cooler features, more achievements in the final version of Bust-n-Rush

About a month ago, we were able to get a demo version of Bust-n-Rush.  I published a preview over on our sister site, All That Nerdy Stuff.  On Friday, September 14th, Techtonic Games released the final version of the game.  We checked it out.  Changes and exciting developments over the demo after the jump!

Bust-n-Rush Kovo - all that gaming stuffBust-n-Rush was already a fun, easy to learn, challenging game that I enjoyed playing in demo mode.  I wasn’t expecting many changes between the demo version and the final version, other than the addition of the social “Bust-a-Friend” mode.  Sure, there were a couple very small glitches, but nothing interesting.  Playing the game today I was happily surprised at the tweaks Techtonic Games had made.  Here are a few of my observations on the game, taken in between playing through the levels and modes.

Most of the action is done by moving the arrow keys on your keyboard to have Kovo move between three lanes.  In the demo version, the arrows felt overly sensitive – Kovo would move two lanes rather than one.  This was especially frustrating when one of the outside lanes was a pit or space, i.e., death, or caused you to Bust-n-Rush through the dreaded red obstacles.  The controls have become slightly less sensitive in the final version.  This allowed for easier game play.

The graphics are slightly cleaner and definitely more exciting over the demo mode. Also, Techtonic Games added a setting to reduce camera shake.  It didn’t seem to make a huge difference to me, but camera shake wasn’t a big problem for me in the first place.

There were a couple new features added into each of the worlds.  In The Last Bound (what I think of as the “space” level) there were more transitions to going between outside among asteroids and inside various space stations.  There were also the addition of space ship landing pads that you had to jump to.  This did allow for slightly less chances of falling into space.  Not that I didn’t have Kovo end up falling through the sky, well, a lot.  It also broke up the game a bit visually, which I preferred.  In Gearmageddon and the Depths of Thurl, there appeared to be more types of obstacles to bust through.  My favorite was a missile which, when busted, blow up the next dozen or so red items in your path, allowing your character an chance to build up speed during the level.  There were also more opportunities to jump and “rotate” the game, as there is game play both on the roof and the ground.   This added visually to the game as well, as there were things to look for above you, as well as in front of you.

The social mode is live.  You can “Bust-a-Friend” by connecting through facebook. You then have the option to challenge your friends online, assuming that they have also allowed the Bust-n-Rush app.  If you’d like your friends to play,  you can download a free demo at Techtonic Games.  Also, you automatically get a second copy when you buy the Double-Bust-Bundle on sale at Origin.  It appears that you can only challenge your facebook friends in Bust-a-Friend mode.

While there were quite a few achievements available in the demo mode of Bust-n-Rush, the programmers added a few for the final version.  I laughed aloud when I saw that included in the list were special achievements for beating some of the creators of the game.  Beating their high scores would be quite an achievement!

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