How to: Add User in Windows 8

Add User in Windows 8 – A step-by-step tutorial on how to add a new user

New users can be added in Windows 8 from an administrator account.  I recommend having a main administrator account (but call it something other than “administrator” or “admin” or even “root”, as those are defaults in various OS’s and therefore easily guessed by the bad guys) and then add your account, and then any additional accounts from Master.

Once in an administrator account, go into the PC Settings.  A screen will show like the one above.  Go to the second choice, “Users.”  On the right, below information about the account you’re signed into, will be a section entitled “Other users.”  Click on the first choice, “New user.”

Add user in Windows 8 - step 2 - all that nerdy stuffThe screen on the left will appear.  There are two ways to add a new user.  The first is by using an e-mail address.  This can be ANY e-mail address that the user has, whether it’s a Microsoft (,,, etc.) account, gmail, personal domain, etc.  Using an e-mail address will allow the user to be able to download apps from the marketplace/Windows 8 store, have the apps updated, and sync your settings among various PCs.  However, you do not need an e-mail address to set up an account.  To do so, choose the option at the bottom of the screen, “Sign in without a Microsoft account.”

If you add a user using their e-mail address, the system will prompt you to have them sign in with their Windows LiveID password.  If the e-mail is not associated with a password, the system will prompt the user on how to set up their e-mail as a Windows LiveID.


Add user in Windows 8 - step 3 - all that nerdy stuffOnce you choose to sign in without a Microsoft account, the following screen will appear.  This screen gives you further details on the type of user that you are adding.  It also explains the differences between the types of accounts – a Microsoft account and a Local account.  Clicking on “Microsoft account” will return to a prompt for an e-mail address.  For a Local account, click on “Local Account.”


Add user in Windows 8 - step 4 - all that nerdy stuff Once you click on Local account, the screen on the left will appear.  At this point, add the user name (real name or screen name) and a password.  The password hint should help the user remember his or her password.  Once the four fields have been filled out, click “Next” at the bottom of the screen.


Add user in Windows 8 - step 5 - all that nerdy stuff

Once you click next, the following screen will appear, showing the user you have just added.  If you used a Microsoft LiveID, the user’s profile picture may appear in the box instead of a generic head.  Click “Finish” at the bottom of the screen and the user will be added to the PC.  This person will be able to sign onto the PC with their password.

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