How to: Find an app in Windows 8

Where is that app?  Find an app in Windows 8

Most of your high-use apps will be on the start screen.  If you’re looking for a specific app, you can use this tutorial to find all of your apps, then go digging or scrolling through.  If you know where on the screen or under which heading your app should be, this may be an easy method for you.  However, there is a much more efficient way to find an app, setting, or file on your computer.  Read on to find out how!

In order to find an app, begin on the start screen.  Start typing in the name of the application that you’re looking for.  No need to click anywhere, or be anywhere specific in the screen.  Just start typing to find an app.  For example, I searched for the calculator.  As soon as I pressed “c”, the screen changed, and I began seeing a list of apps with the letter “c” in them.  By the time I had typed in “cal,” my computer had narrowed down my choice to two apps: calculator and calendar.  Once you’ve narrowed down your search enough, stop typing, and use your mouse to click on the application to open it.Windows 8 find an app example - all that nerdy stuff

Note that spelling counts.  If you misspell the name of an app, it won’t show up in your results.  And if you haven’t downloaded an app (if, for example, you bought one in the marketplace and didn’t install it, or haven’t even gotten it from the marketplace yet), nothing will show up in your search.  This is not an internet search engine; there will be no suggested results.

In order to find a setting or file, rather than an app, follow the same method.  Underneath where you’re typing, you’ll notice three boxes: app, settings, and files.  Click on the one that applies.


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