Remember Me gameplay footage; running, climbing, and fighting. Oh my!

More Remember Me gameplay footage from Capcom.


Ladies and gentlemen.  Here is some more Remember Me gameplay footage for your viewing pleasure.  Don’t forget, Remember Me is to be released in May of 2013 (pun intended).


The videos that have been released of the Remember Me gamplay so far are receiving mixed reviews.  The game is already being compared to Uncharted, Mirrors Edge, and Assassin’s Creed.  Personally, I will reserve judgement until the game is in my console and I am controlling Nilin on her quest to regain her memory.


The early screen shots and released Remember Me gameplay footage look quite appealing.  What we have seen so far has me looking forward to playing Remember Me.  I am aware that the game is in development and we have yet to see the finished product.  I believe, so far, so good.


The story of Remember Me is one that should resonate with the public, especially right now.  People have given up their privacy in exchange for “status updates, photo updates, and check-ins” via social media.  As to where this will take society in the future time will only tell.  However, in Nilin’s future we know where this has taken society.  The ease of transferring memories  and clandestine information along with the capability to “remix memories” has made Memoreyes ( the company that created the technology) very powerful.


Read on after the break for more commentary and more Remember Me gameplay footage.

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