Remember Me: Capcom sets May 2013 release date

Capcom reveals “Remember Me” at GAMESCOM 2012.

Here is yet another reason to be excited about gaming in 2013.  Capcom will be releasing “Remember Me” in May of 2013.  This will be a cyber-punk game that focuses on memories and human emotions rather than focusing on physical augmentation.  Remember Me is an RPG with an active and instantaneous combat system that will have a linear story.

The setting for “Remember me” will be in the city of Neo-Paris in the year 2084.  Neo-Paris was built (rebuilt) in the 2060’s after much of the earth has been decimated by climate wars.  The climate wars have occurred as a

result of global warming that took place around the world.

Remember Me Neo ParisThere exists in this future a technology that was developed in Paris and has spread like wildfire throughout the world.  This technology is known as “Senson”, which is an abbreviation for sensory engine.  The sensory engine is technology that has been used to create feelings of content among the people of the world by changing or removing their memories.  The “Senson” is a brain implant that digitizes a person’s memories and can be easily accessed through a port at the rear base of the skull.  Memories can then be exchanged with virtually anyone in the world.  If necessary, a person’s memories can be altered or altogether erased.  The creators and controllers of this technology is a company called Memorize.  They are in charge of handling all of the memory transfers.  Imagine the potential power those associated with Memorize can have by obtaining clandestine information or changing the memories of key political figures.  People have traded away their privacy, intimacy, and power for technology.  Their lives, in particular their memories, have become an open book that is easily accessible.  Does any of this sound familiar if making reference to today’s social media?


Read on after the break to find out more about the game and an opportunity to view the trailer.

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