Madden 2013 demo: is it better with Kinect?

Madden 2013 demo Brings the Trash-Talkin’ Home on Kinect!

Gamers and football fans, it is almost that time of the year when the latest edition of Madden football is bestowed upon us. The Madden 2013 demo of the iconic franchise brings some fairly significant changes. The most notable change to Madden 2013 is the Kinect integration into the game play.  Having spent several days with the recently released Madden 2013 demo, the following are my initial thoughts of Madden 2013 with the kinect integration.

First and foremost, the graphics for Madden 2013 are just beautiful!  Lush, green playing fields inside of perfectly replicated stadiums, and amazing player detail from the uniforms down to a particular brand of cleats worn by the players.  The game play is very smooth and feels more realistic than ever.  But one of the biggest additions to Madden 2013 is the integration with Kinect on the Xbox 360 version of the game.  Read on past the break to find out if it works!

Madden 2013 GameplayThis is a very nice added feature and has made the game much more player friendly.  This feature allows gamers to be placed into the quarterback position on offense, or the defensive captain.  There are several commands that can be called out at the line of scrimmage prior to the snap of the ball.  Audibles, coverages, receiver routes, blocking directions, timeouts, flipping plays, and calling out specific players are part of the commands that players can now call out.  Gone are the days of scrambling through formations and plays for audibles on the controller.

Imagine efficiently running the no huddle offense like Payton Manning.  You step up to the line of scrimmage, scan the defense and realize they are in a 3 Deep zone since you have been carving up their secondary like a thanksgiving turkey.  You quickly call out “audible, run”  and then give the voice command “hike” to set the play in motion just before the play clock expires.  The Kinect voice commands also allow you to call out the names of specific players and change their passing routes and even their blocking schemes.  Imagine seeing that the defensive back is playing off of Larry Fitzgerald and you have called a play that is sending him on a streak or go route.  You call out “Fitzgerald, slant” and he will break off the go route and slant inside of the DB that was giving him a cushion.

Madden 2013 Running the ballThe voice commands work just as well on the defensive side of the ball, if not better.  You have called a 2 deep zone because your secondary is being lit up light a christmas tree.  The offense lines up in the Jumbo I formation to pound your defense with the a ground attack.  You simply call out “run” and the defense will shift into position to stop the run.  Let’s say you are are on the defensive side of the ball and Larry Fitzgerald is single-handedly making your defense look foolish.  You say “Cover Fitzgerald” and either a linebacker or safety will shift over to help cover Fitzgerald.

Many of the voice commands are that simple.  You say a word or two and the offense or defense changes.  The one caveat is that you must really pay attention to the play clock.  Although the commands are easy to call, shifts in formations, flipping plays, and changing routes take a few seconds to complete.  Early on I found myself in several first and twenty situations due to multiple delay of game penalties.  I would like to add that this occurred because I was constantly trying to figure out the voice commands.  There were some instances where I felt the voice commands were not working the way they should.

Madden 2013 tackleAll in all, I must say that I am pretty impressed with the Kinect voice integration for Madden 2013.  I feel the voice commands will allow the game to reach a broader audience and improve the play of novice gamers.  Below are some screen shots for those of you who have not seen images from the game or steer away from some of the sports games.  If the Madden 2013 demo is a good indication of what we can expect from Madden 2013, count me in!

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Madden 2013! Hit the comments below and let me know!



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