Batman Meets Pinterest!

Nerdy Girl Fun: A Board full of Batman craft ideas

Batman Keep Calm and Rise a Knight - www.allthatnerdystuff.comIn celebration of the release of The Dark Knight Rises, I decided to create a Batman Pinterest board.  Yes, we at All That Nerdy Stuff also like to use Pinterest (you can follow us there, too!)  While there are many fun crafts and design ideas to choose from, some of my favorites include a Batman goatee, Bat nails, and even a felt Batman belt for kids.  I’ll also be adding memes, popular artwork from the comics, tv show, and movies, and cosplay outfits.  Enjoy!

Want to add to the board?  Just add a comment with your Pinterest info and I’d be happy to add you as an editor.  If there’s any images you would like us to add, you can link them in the comics.  We have the Pinterest extension, so it’s easy to add your pics on to the board.  The more fans, the better!  Dark Knights, unite!

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