E3 2012: Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog

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At 3PM Pacific Time Peter Blank and I will be Live Blogging Ubisoft’s press conference. Hopefully we’ll hear more about Splinter Cell Blacklist and Assassin’s Creed 3, and maybe a few surprises!

Head on past the break for the full Live Blog!

15.21 Jason Ward Says:

And that’s it–we’re out! More details later.

15.19 Jason Ward Says:

Finally. It’s called Watch Dogs, and wow is it a gorgeous game. If this is running on 360 and PS3…wow.

15.16 Jason Ward Says:

They’re demoing a pretty slick looking covert intelligence game. I thought it might be Splinter Cell, but now I don’t think so. Wish they’d give us the name already.

15.05 Jason Ward Says:

Ghost Recon Online is a free to play game. Pretty slick. I want more info. Dammit.

15.04 Jason Ward Says:

Predictably, the Shootmania website is slower than mole asses right now. Peter, why do they say “slow as mole asses” ?

15.03 Peter Blank Says:

Register for shoot mania beta at www.shootmania.com

15.02 Jason Ward Says:

I’m not sure: is it refreshing that the game’s visuals look like something out of a much older title? I don’t know. The players are nice though :)

14.59 Jason Ward Says:

Oh, OK, they’re doing an E Sports…thing. Shootmania. Clever name.

14.58 Jason Ward Says:

Aisha and the Rocket Angels are on stage now. Apparently they’re counterstrike Goddesses and are about to kick the crap out of a bunch of guys on some game or another. If I add this up right they’ve got about 100 years of Counterstrike championships between them. How is that possible?

14.50 Jason Ward Says:

So now Assassin’s Creed 3, which looks pretty damned amazing. We’re watching the character race through the forest, seamlessly transitioning from horseback to running, to climbing trees, and then check this out: stringing up a bloody redcoat soldier before taking out a half dozen British soldiers. He finishes it all off with a crazy chase-down of one last soldier, whom he justmurders by jumping down from a tree and embedding his tomahawk in the dude’s head. Insane.

14.41 Peter Blank Says:

Ubisofts  Assassins Creed III brings you back to the American Revolutionary war. I wana kill me some Templar Red Coats!

Help ignite the conflict that will bring forth a new nation. This takes place in a 30 year period before, during and after the American Revolutionary War.

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