E3 2012: Sony Press Conference Live Blog

Sony Computer Entertainment LogoAt 6PM PST we’ll be Live Blogging Sony’s press conference for E3 2012. Hopefully we’ll get some good surprises for the upcoming year in PlayStation gaming! Follow us past the break and share your thoughts as it happens!



18.28 Jason Ward Says:

And that about wraps it up. Some great footage of The Last of Us, which you’ll see shortly, and a bit of thanks from Jack Tretton. As with Xbox 360, no gigantic surprises, but at least there were a few treats like PS3 Wonderbook.

18.21 Jason Ward Says:

Very moody, but the writing is already fantastic, very character focused. We’re learning little bits about the characters without it seeming like extraneous exposition. Very organic

18.19 Jason Ward Says:

Looks like a new trailer for The Last of Us. Looks fantastic, of course.

18.18 Jason Ward Says:

God of War: Ascension. March 2013. I’m starting to wonder if there will be any games other than Halo 4 released in 2012 :p

18.16 Jason Ward Says:

Hey, Kratos vs the Elephant Man! That’s pretty badass. I feel like the music should be Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” for some reason.

18.14 Jason Ward Says:

New God of War. Why is Kratos turning back time to repair objects? Has he become the God of Temporal Carpentry?

18.06 Jason Ward Says:

Oh jeez. I totally forgot about Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified announced for Vita. Meh. It’s Call of Duty.

17.59 Jason Ward Says:

Pretty slick. A dragon popped up out of the book, flew around and then set it on fire. Well, the virtual version anyway.

17.56 Jason Ward Says:

Ooh, smart move! “Book of Spells” announced for PS3 Wonderbook and Move. Tied into Pottermore. Pretty slick!

17.53 Jason Ward Says:

PS3 Wonderbook. Puts a physical book in your hands and uses AR with the PS Eye to engage the story. This could be really cool, actually!

17.48 Jason Ward Says:

Far Cry 3 four player demo in progress. Looks nice, very colorful. Definitely a nicer view than the stale browns and grays of most other FPS’s.

17.42 Jason Ward Says:

Wow, now this is interesting: Assassin’s Creed III ship combat! Is this part of the main game or is it a side story? It looks AMAZING!

17.40 Jason Ward Says:
17.38 Jason Ward Says:

Nice! Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation looks great on Vita!

17.34 Peter Blank Says:

PS 1 classics coming to Vita like Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy.

17.30 Peter Blank Says:

I guess Battle Royale is pretty cool if your in to semi mindless fighting games!

17.28 Jason Ward Says:

Oh, OK–Big Daddy and Little Sister, plus Nathan Drake, appear to be playable characters in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.

17.27 Jason Ward Says:

Oooh, I hear Uncharted music. Wait, what? Bioshock? I’m confused.

17.24 Jason Ward Says:

Oh, man. They have Fat Princess as a character? That’s freaking cool!

17.23 Jason Ward Says:

Slick, cross PS3-Vita gameplay for PSASBR. That’s neat. I sort of want a Vita. Sorta. Eventually.

17.21 Jason Ward Says:

Sorry I’m late, but hey, check it out! I’m here just in time for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale!

17.19 Peter Blank Says:

This game looks intense. Jody Holmes” Leave me the fuck alone or I will kill everyone”

17.15 Peter Blank Says:

David Cage from Quantic Dreams talks about their next title for Playstaion 3 is called “Beyond”. This game will explore the after life.

17.08 Peter Blank Says:

Sony “You the gamer drives the innovation of the gaming industry”

17.01 Peter Blank Says:

OK Sony here we go, show us something spectacular.

16.54 Peter Blank Says:

We’re anxiously awaiting the start of Sony’s press conference!


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