E3 2012: EA Press Conference Live Blog

At 1PM Pacific we’ll have a real-time live blog of the EA press conference, right here at All That Gaming Stuff! Head on past the break for the latest as it comes!

13.10 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Okay, looks like that’s it. 10 developers (did I catch them all – stupid site overload) showcasing their wares for EA. Hope you enjoyed the press conference as much as we did. The All That team will be giving further posts and insights on EA’s news throughout the week.

13.07 Linnea Lieberman Says:

For those of you that like a game where you get to blow a bunch of stuff up, you’ll probably enjoy this. As a realist, I’m having issues with the plot. Why did we need to blow up an entire dam, releasing water everywhere?

Crysis 3 (sorry, had the wrong name earlier) is out in February 2013.

13.03 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Crytek – seven regions of gameplay. Host is showing concept art and a demo of the game.

Stereotypical background music. Decent graphics. Dialogue of character and surroundings feels realistic, and the statistics screen of your character on the right-hand side is useful without being intrusive.

13.00 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Okay, the “cost to state” where you can see your property damage is pretty funny.

Game is launching October 30th.

12.57 Linnea Lieberman Says:

The racer just passed “Starcups Coffee.” Nice joke. It’s nice to not see product placement in the game. The constant sirens following the driver are rather annoying, though.

12.55 Linnea Lieberman Says:

More social integration/competition. Speeds, jumps, best of the day, etc. You earn “speed points” to move up the list and become “most wanted” among your friends. A demo of game play is currently happening. The views from the building tops, looking down on your car, are pretty neat.

12.54 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Trailer for Need for Speed Most Wanted by Criterion Games. Honestly, looks like your typical movie chase scene/auto racing. The premise is to become the “most wanted.”

12.51 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Finally, back in! UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) President Dana is on stage. New multi-year, multi-product partnership between EA Sports and the UFC.

12.45 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Not surprisingly, the EA news feed is running slowly, to say the least. We’re still here, though, watching the game as it unfolds on screen. I’m digging the constant weapon sights, making targeting enemies a lot easier.

12.36 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Metal of Honor: Warfare – game is going to tie into real places, real events, and real-life hotspots. Conference is showing an example, where the host is playing in Somolia. It will be interesting to see if the game will stay current, or keep to “tried and true” hot spots in our world. Graphics are very crisp and clear, with weapon, opponents, and amount of available ammo being easy to see.

12.34 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Thoughts on the trailer: Makeb, the new planet, does look pretty cool. Trailer is pretty much just a quick summary of the talk. Not a whole lot of new information.

12.32 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Star Wars: Old Republic. Adding new content and refining content rapidly… Adding pvp warzones, companion characters, new species, increased level caps, and a new planet.

Play up to Level 15 for free in July.

Trailer for Start Wars: Old Republic starting now!

12.30 Linnea Lieberman Says:

2 Weeks of Early Access for Premium Members of Battlefield 3.

Also, own more vehicles (okay, the tank they just showed is pretty cool), new dog tags, new assignments, new game modes, and more.

12.27 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Battlefield 3 – New membership for Battlefield 3 Premium. Will give four new expansion packs: Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath (Dec 2012) and End Game ( March 2013). Join today for .99 on PS3.

xBox is next week.

12.23 Linnea Lieberman Says:

Glad to see that there’ll still be disasters in Sim City – that was always my favorite part of the original.

The latest version is coming in Feburary of 2013.

Here we go! For those of you following along at home, you can also watch the conference here: http://e3.gamespot.com/press-conference/ea-e3/

Conference is starting with a trailer of Dead Space 3 and a rep from Visceral. There are new locations, characters, and the ability to drop-in and drop-out of co-op mode. Very cool for those flaky friends that can’t stay and play.

Madden NFL 13 -now powered by infinity engine physics for better run-time play. The plays and interactions are more lifelike. Game is taking into better account size of players and interactions. There are NO predetermined outcomes. There is a new “connected careers” mode. Social integration in the land of social media, what a surprise…

Connected careers – play as a player, coach, etc. The system will give you goals to achieve. You can “retire” to start a new career, without being kicked out of your up to thirty person league. There’s a twitter feed for your league. This works on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Maxis label (aka Sim City) – sim city social is coming to facebook!


Later, Peter and Jason followed along too!

14.37 Jason Ward Says:

Kind of a cool idea, that you can choose between 12 different factions from around the world. I’ll be curious to see how they implement the online multiplayer in that. Seems like a good candidate for staged events.

14.36 Jason Ward Says:

Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Wasn’t there another game called Warfighter not too long ago?

14.36 Peter Blank Says:

I spoke 2 soon – The new Metal of Honor WarFighters looks like Metal of Honor. Nice but not spectacular. Set to release October 23 of this year.

14.35 Jason Ward Says:

OK, now it’s looking a little more interesting. I want to operate a little remote control shooting device! Where’s the nearest Army recruiter, do they actually have those?

14.32 Jason Ward Says:

EA announced it’s new games at one, remember? We were eating lunch while Linnea covered it :)

14.31 Jason Ward Says:

New Medal of Honor game. I think it might be another FPS. Sooooo generic looking.

14.28 Peter Blank Says:

Does EA have any new games to announce?

14.28 Jason Ward Says:

What’s new coming to Star Wars the Old Republic? Guys with light sabers, fighting. I thought it already had that?

14.26 Jason Ward Says:

Uh Oh. Star Wars music and Bioware CEO Ray Muzyka are on stage. Well…OK, the music is in the air more than on stage, but you get it, right?

14.24 Peter Blank Says:

Dice announces – Battlefield 3 premium .99  and promises all 5 expansion packs for free, including 20 more weapons and 10 new vehicles.

14.24 Jason Ward Says:

Battlefield 3 Premium .99, available on PS3 today, Xbox 360 and PS3 next week. I’m not clear: is this the full game on a subscription model or what? It comes with all 5 expansion packs, 20 new weapons, 10 new vehicles, and the pinnacle of excitement: dog tags. Yay?

14.19 Jason Ward Says:

Whoa, that’s interesting: Your Sim City…city…will be dynamically connected to other players’ Sim Cities online, and each city’s management choices will have an impact on other nearby cities. That’s an interesting idea. I wonder how they’ll decide how these virtual cities are “near” to each other or not?

14.18 Peter Blank Says:

EA says that SimCity for PC is the first Multi-player SimCity.

14.17 Jason Ward Says:

Sim City for PC will “redefine” simulation games with its new “glassbox” engine. I’m not sure I like the sound of glass box.

14.16 Peter Blank Says:

SimCity Social on facebook plus an all new SimCity for PC!  What about mac?

14.16 Jason Ward Says:

Sim City Social coming to Facebook. God I hope it’s better than all the crap Zynga games. If I get one more Farmville request I’m gonna staple bagles to Mark Zuckerberg’s face.

14.15 Peter Blank Says:

Madden 2013 allows you to since your game to Twitter and Facebook. I guess if your into your fantasy team that much it’s pretty cool.

14.13 Jason Ward Says:

Did he just refer to Madden as being “like any other RPG” ? Is Madden becoming a role playing game? If so…can I play as Commander Shepard?

14.12 Jason Ward Says:

Career Mode. Looks like they’re bringing some of the ideas from Fight Night Champion forward to their other franchises. Could make for a more interesting Football game.

14.11 Jason Ward Says:

Infinity Physics Engine coming to Madden, makes every hit affect gameplay. Pretty slick.

14.10 Peter Blank Says:

Have you noticed that EA claims each year their sports game(s) are ground breaking?

14.09 Peter Blank Says:

oops – Thresher Maul! LOL

14.07 Jason Ward Says:

What the hell? Isaac’s been swallowed by something…gooey.

14.07 Peter Blank Says:

The massive creature on Dead Space 3 reminds me of a Thrasher Maul from Mass Effect. I keep looking for Commander Shepard!

14.05 Jason Ward Says:

They just switched to outside combat in an icy environment, but man is that sunrise/sunset in the background gorgeous! Well, OK, so now it’s marred by a giant monster. So much for romance :p

14.05 Peter Blank Says:

Dead Space 3 teaser looks interesting. Visceral Games promises all new locations from space to an icy planet. This game looks like a whole new animal.

14.04 Jason Ward Says:

The live gameplay we’re seeing is co-op and features Isaac with another character tag teaming…a giant drill? Oh wait, there are the Necromorphs!

14.02 Jason Ward Says:

Looks pretty interesting. Drop in/Drop out co-op, deep space combat, and what looks like a faster pace than the first two games.

14.00 Jason Ward Says:

And now the press conference begins. Sweet, it’s launching with Dead Space 3 footage!

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