E3 2012 Conversation: What We Thought About Microsoft’s Press Conference


Peter and I were at the Gallen center at USC today for Microsoft’s press conference, and we thought it might be nice to have a conversation about our impressions. Feel free to join in via the comments! Full conversation after the break!

11.39 Jason Ward Says:

And with that, we’re out. Any thoughts? Post them in the comments and we’ll join you!

11.38 Peter Blank Says:

good question, I guess we will see.

11.37 Jason Ward Says:

So overall, Peter, what were your thoughts? For me, I felt a little underwhelmed by the conference because there really were no surprises. Pretty much everything, I think, was leaked days ago. Any thoughts?

11.36 Jason Ward Says:

Good point. I wonder: will it be more “full featured” on Microsoft OS’s and hardware than on competitors? And of course, how will they handle the fragmented Android infrastructure, given that there are so many versions of the OS out there?

11.31 Peter Blank Says:

I think that bringing xbox smart glass to competing devices is brilliant.

It shows the superiority of the Microsoft OS.

11.23 Jason Ward Says:

What did you think of Microsoft’s new Smart Glass initiative? As near as I can tell, it’s purely a software driven system with no specific hardware component. My question though is: is it wise or are they making a mistake in bringing the platform to competing devices?

11.20 Peter Blank Says:

yes Bungies removal from the franchise might just be the breath of new live in to Halo. I was beginning to think Halo was being published by ea games for awhile. lol

11.16 Jason Ward Says:

Agreed. I’m not a huge Halo fan in general, but 343 Industries has clearly pushed the boundaries. Halo 4 is a clear improvement over previous entries in the franchise. Maybe they’ll surpass Bungie after all?

11.13 Peter Blank Says:

I definately agree with your Halo 4 comment, the cinimatic graphics are exceptional. This title will redefine the industry for quality visuals and stunning sounds.

11.08 Jason Ward Says:

I was really surprised by Tomb Raider. We’ve seen some nice trailers for it so far, but this one outdid them all. You can clearly see the influence of PS3′s Uncharted series. That fact gives me a chuckle, given that Uncharted was in many ways itself a Tomb Raider clone that ultimately improved everything about those older titles. Now it seems the student has taught the teacher, and the new Tomb Raider game looks stunning!

11.06 Jason Ward Says:

Agreed, Peter, there’s a lot of rehash here. To their credit, they do all look fantastic, graphically. I was pretty sure Halo 4 was pre-rendered cinematics until I realized the dude was playing it right there on stage!

11.04 Peter Blank Says:

one things for sure, there is a lot of crap being packaged in a golden wrapper.

10.56 Peter Blank Says:

black ops 2 looks over the top, however it did pique my intrest.

10.54 Peter Blank Says:

Tomb Raider looks awsome and that surprised me.

10.43 Jason Ward Says:

That’s an interesting point, Peter. I had a similar thought: it looks like Xbox 360 is rapidly becoming more and more of a basic PC for the living room. I’m impressed by the breadth of their support for Smart Glass across so many devices, including competitors’ devices.

10.41 Jason Ward Says:

Shooting from the hip, my very first impression of the conference was that I never really saw any surprises. What did you think of what was announced, Peter?

10.40 Peter Blank Says:

looks like your xbox is becoming a pc that happens to be a console, with xbox smart glass and internet explorer.

10.39 Jason Ward Says:

Peter Blank and I spent our morning braving the exciting traffic of Los Angeles to attend Microsoft’s E3 2012 Xbox 360 conference. We came away with a handful of impressions, which we’d like to share now and invite you to contribute your thoughts to the discussion as well.

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