Nintendo teases New Super Mario Bros Wii U (Sorta)

New Super Mario Bros Wii U Packs a Social Punch

Nintendo’s Pre-E3 2012 conference today was chock full of design philosophy information. If you ever looked at Wii U and wondered, “What the hell are they thinking?”–well, now you know. While demonstrating their very interesting new Miiverse online service, at least one interesting screenshot revealed what looked an awful lot like an HD, Miiverse-integrated New Super Mario Bros Wii U. In the screenshot (featured image of this post), we can see an overworld map that’s very reminiscent of previous Super Mario Bros games. Mushroom houses? Check. Roads connecting worlds? Check. Green pipes to secret places rising out of the earth for no apparent reason? Check. Yeah, this is a new New Super Mario Bros game. More after the break!

New Super Mario Bros Wii U

The interesting bit is how it looks to integrated with the Miiverse. Over various locations on the map, there are little Mii faces with tweet-like comments. On one of the faces, there’s a little gold bubble indicating a completion time, followed by a “tweet” (Miit?) with a Mii apparently micro-blogging about it. Could these be the long-rumored “achievements” finally landing on Wii U? If so–and I’d love it if it were–I sure hope they can come up with something more interesting than “accomplishments” as a name. I’d really like to see them use some sort of “coins” format where you can earn coins at various levels (bronze, silver and gold are obvious). I’d especially like it if the gold coins could be used to trade for free downloadable stuff. Yes, I’m that greedy.

Extrapolating out a bit from Mr. Iwata’s presentation this afternoon, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine a game in which other online players might be available for chat even while playing a single player game, sharing tips and ideas for how to complete the levels you’re struggling with. hmm, maybe this is where they could reward people for their umm…generosity.

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