E3 2012: Xbox 360 Press Conference Live Blog

Microsoft Xbox 360 E3 Press Conference

We’ll be live We were at Microsoft’s Xbox 360 E3 2012 press conference today! Bookmark this post for the latest news as it happens! Full Live Blog after the break! Impressions conversation coming soon!

10.06 Peter Blank Says:

finally connected now that its over. jason did you notice how everything looks good on a giant screen with a massive sound system?

10.02 Jason Ward Says:

And that’s it! No really big surprises, just about everything had leaked in advance. Cool stuff, just…nothing surprising.

10.01 Jason Ward Says:

Holy cow, now he’s in some kind of harrier type jet nailing targets all over the city. This is just wacky and a half.

10.00 Jason Ward Says:

Wow, a skyscraper just tipped over right in front of the player, in real time. Ash, dust and rubble everywhere. As much as I don’t care for the Call of Duty games, I do have to give them credit: they are visually and technically amazing games.

09.58 Jason Ward Says:

All real time gameplay on this sucker, and it’s buttery smooth. Mmm, butter. UAV’s at your command, tearing up the enemy soldiers. Crazy.

09.57 Jason Ward Says:

I really do need a screen this size. What is it, 2,000 inches? :p

09.54 Jason Ward Says:

Man, this game is freaking chaotic. Airplans hitting buildings, city blocks leveled, skyscrapers smashed to smithereens. Yikes.

09.53 Jason Ward Says:

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 new trailer. Looks gorgeous. So far everything they’ve show today has been exceptionally nice to look at from a realism perspective, but I have to admit to being disappointed in the selection of artistically creative games.

09.46 Jason Ward Says:

I’m not sure if there’s an actual game, but the onstage dancers are…very nice to look at

09.45 Jason Ward Says:

Dance Central 3 announcement. Imagine how shocked the audience is right now.

09.43 Jason Ward Says:

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are onstage announcing South Park: The Stick of Truth.  Funny, they’re saying that they’ve wanted to do a South Park game only if it could look “really crappy, like the show.”

09.41 Jason Ward Says:

Wreckateer, a castle destruction game is coming to Xbox Live this summer. The demonstrator was much more interesting than the game :p

09.39 Jason Ward Says:

RE6 will get DLC on Xbox 360 first. Surprise, surprise.

09.36 Jason Ward Says:

Very cinematic, much different from prior RE’s (mind you, I haven’t played RE5 so maybe I missed the transition at that point).

09.35 Jason Ward Says:

Best looking resident evil yet, though that’s hardly a surprise. Combat looks much more action game than survival horror.

09.33 Jason Ward Says:

They teased something from Gore Verbinski, called “Matter.” I have no idea what it ws about. A metal sphere running through a world of collapsing cubes, near as I can tell.
Ooh, new Resident Evil trailer.

09.31 Jason Ward Says:

Umm, thre’s something about a Loco Cycle. I’m not sure I get it.

09.30 Jason Ward Says:

Looks medieval magical. Crazy guy with a scythe murdering everything in sight. Sigh, it’s another 2013 title.

09.29 Jason Ward Says:

World Exclusive announcement trailer: Ascend: New Gods. Works across Xbox, Windows and Windows Phone.

09.28 Jason Ward Says:

In the space of 3 minutes Lara’s gone from bow and arrow combat, to shotguns, to melee, to getting swept down a river, to parasailing and nearly falling to her damn doom. Definitely gonna be a must-get.

09.26 Jason Ward Says:

Damn. This game is looking more and more like a must-buy title.

09.24 Jason Ward Says:

Now we’re seeing hte new Tomb Raider. Looks freaking gorgeous. Detailed environments, incredible character models, dynamic combat and weather. Looks like Tomb Raider has learned a lot of Nathan Drake’s tricks and been made better for it!

09.22 Jason Ward Says:

Smartglass will be integrated into Windows 8. It sounds like at launch.

09.21 Jason Ward Says:

Smartglass integration with IE allows full use of the tablet or smartphone as an input device for the Xbox itself. Like the Xbox Companion on Windows Phone and Windows 8, but on steroids. Or crack. I can’t decide.

09.20 Jason Ward Says:

Rumor confirmation: Internet Explorer coming to Xbox this fall. Fully voice and gesture controlled. Looks very fast, and fully optimized for TV. Wonder if it’ll work with redtube :p

09.18 Jason Ward Says:

In Madden the layer used the tablet to create plays during a game. Halo 4 demo showed some online activity, multiplayer matching, etc.

09.16 Jason Ward Says:

Connectivity between devices, so you can switch from watching on one device to another. Demo showed moving a movie from a windows tablet to an Xbox, and then the tablet pulled up relevant information from the show. Cast, story info, a map following the action of the show (Game of Thrones).

09.13 Jason Ward Says:

Here’s the Xbox SmartGlass announcement. Confirmed coming to every device you’re likely to care about: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 tablets, etc.

09.12 Jason Ward Says:

Sounds similar to many other exercise games that have come out since Kinect was introduced. Hopefully it goes further.

09.10 Jason Ward Says:

Nike + Kinect Home Training announced. Instant feedback on technique, metrics on your workout and health progress. You can challenge and work out “with” workout partners online.

09.08 Jason Ward Says:

Specious claim of the day: “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.”

09.07 Jason Ward Says:

Stefan Olander from Nike Digital Sports (they have digital sports?) is on stage. He’s talking about shoes. Please don’t tell me there are gonna be Xbox shoes.

09.05 Jason Ward Says:

Xbox Music announced to replace Zune. Coming to Xbox 360, Windows Phones, Windows 8, Windows Tablets with over 30 million songs.

09.04 Jason Ward Says:

Pick your sports to follow from your Windows Phone (they’re highlight the sexy Nokia Lumia 900) using Xbox connectivity.

09.03 Jason Ward Says:

New LIVE content on ESPN coming to Xbox 360.

09.02 Jason Ward Says:

New NBA channel coming to Xbox for all you sports fans. Lie video, scores, etc.
NHL is also coming. 40 games per week, replays, highlights, etc.

09.01 Jason Ward Says:

They’re announcing 35 new providers, highlighting four: Machinima, Nickelodeon, Paramount and something called Videos.

08.59 Jason Ward Says:

In the fall, a new update will let Kinect voice search use Bing to search for movies by genre. Also adding 12 new languages. Great for the worldwide market, this should make a big difference outside the US.

08.57 Jason Ward Says:

New Forza game, “Forza: Horizon.” Coming in November 2012. Wish I liked racing games.

08.56 Jason Ward Says:

Well, OK. That was just a teaser, and it’s not coming until 2013. Is anything besides Halo and Madden coming this year?

08.54 Jason Ward Says:

Ooh, Gears of War’s new game trailer!

08.53 Jason Ward Says:

Fable: the Journey trailer. Looks nice, hopefully they show us more than just the teaser.

08.52 Jason Ward Says:

Madden ships in August.

08.51 Jason Ward Says:

Joe Montana is on stage demonstrating Madden 13 with Kinect integration. Making verbal calls and snapping the ball. Handy!

08.49 Jason Ward Says:

Just realized I screwed up and was posting to the wrong live blog. DOH!

08.33 AtGS Says:

Looks like CGI footage now. No way this is gameplay.

08.34 AtGS Says:

OK now we’re seeing gameplay. GORGEOUS gameplay. How the hell did they get this fidelity on current generation tech?

08.36 AtGS Says:

Master Chief’s kicking the shit out of some scary ass non-covenant AI’s! Holy crap. Big, flamey bastards

08.37 AtGS Says:

Whoa, Master Chief has some kind of new infrared thingymajob. Pretty crazy.  Cortana looks to be going apeshit.

08.39 AtGS Says:

Don Mattrick is on stage now, saying that Xbox 360 has now become the #1 selling console worldwide. I assume he means just in terms of this past year’s sales, not generational totals. Either that or 30 million Wii’s have disappeared off the face of the earth :p

08.42 Jason Ward Says:

I wonder if this is a prequel. He looks younger than in Conviction. Mark and Execute is back and fucking bad-ASS!

08.43 Jason Ward Says:

Looks like there’s been some Assassin’s Creed influence. Sam can now climb and make use of the environment.

08.44 Jason Ward Says:

Slick! Kinect voice recognition, they just showed Sam calling out to a guard, who came to investigate, allowing Sam to make a kill. Wonder how deep this’ll go.
08.46 Jason Ward Says:

The whole game looks incredibly fluid and dynamic, from using the gadgets to the Mark and execute features–everything is just flowing very smoothly.
Oooh, interrogation, my favorite!

08.46 Jason Ward Says:

Oh, bummer, it’s not shipping until Spring 2013.

08.47 Jason Ward Says:

EA Sports head Andrew something or other (sorry, the crowd is noisy) is announcing that Kinect support will be coming to Fifa 13. Yay. Soccer
08.41 Jason Ward Says:

Mattrick mentioned Xbox coming to tablets and PC’s this year. Ooh! New trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Looks like Sam’s an agent again!


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