E3 2012: Nintendo’s Surprise Pre-E3 Wii U Reveal

Nintendo Pre E3 2012Conference

Not content to be the pinnacle of E3’s press conference mountaintop, Nintendo has announced a press conference. Excuse me: another press conference. A Pre-press conference. A Prees conference? Whatever. Tomorrow, Sunday June 3rd, 2012, tune in right here for a Live Blog of the event. Bounce down after the break for the full detail as it happens! Nintendo, what secrets will you reveal?

14.39 AtGS Says:

That’s it, folks! More info on Nintendo’s new system at E3 on Tuesday morning at 9AM!

14.39 AtGS Says:

And the extra square button is for using the Wiipad as a full featured universal remote. I’ll be curious how deep that software goes and how broad the support will be.

14.37 AtGS Says:

OK, so it’s confirmed: the rectangle mark under the D Pad is in fact the NFC reader/writer.

14.35 AtGS Says:

Iwata observes that though technology makes life easier and more efficient, it can at times have the effect of dividing people. Wii U’s philosophy is to try and use technology to bring people together even when they are apart.

14.33 AtGS Says:

“Dok Soh”: Creating Something Unique. Nintendo’s guiding motto.

14.27 AtGS Says:

Interesting idea: Wiipad can block the TV screen from showing what it’s doing.

14.26 AtGS Says:

WiiPad allows numerous functions even when Wii U is turned off. Interesting.

14.25 AtGS Says:

Miiverse will eventually come to ANY web enabled mobile device, and PC, all around Nintendo Network.

14.23 AtGS Says:

“Purposeof Miiverse is not just to include more information, but to increase the level of empathy between players.”

14.22 AtGS Says:

Things you write convey “stronger emotions” than things you type. You know, he’s on to something. Communicating across the network via hand writing is actually pretty slick.

14.20 AtGS Says:

Miiverse looks pretty interesting. Could do some “breaking down barriers” if it really works worldwide.

14.19 AtGS Says:

Now that’s interesting: looks like Mii Plaza shows current, real friends and real people around the world meeting and playing around games, forming communities.

14.17 AtGS Says:

Seems like WiiPad is taking a lot of the best features of smartphones and tablets into its design.

14.16 AtGS Says:

So, confirmed video chat at least. Hope it works with friends and not just strangers.

14.16 AtGS Says:

I’m not sure I like the idea of talking to strangers to get help, but you know, if I got desperate enough, maybe :)

14.14 AtGS Says:

OK, so built in “community” feature for getting help

14.11 AtGS Says:

Slick, the new Pro controller is very similar to the Xbox 360 controller. Notquite, but very similar

14.10 Jason Ward Says:

That’s good: confirmation that all full games can be fully streamed to the Wiipad controller.

14.09 AtGS Says:

So far covering most of the stuff we heard last year: stylus/drawing support, motion and gyro sensors, etc.

14.08 AtGS Says:

Interesting, so Wii U’s gamepad can be used as an IR Remote. Hmm.

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