Tap That App: Words with Friends vs. Words by Post

Words with Friends or Words by Post, which one should you download?

Any good app store will give you ratings on an application, but how do you pick between two similar ones?  Do you just go by stars/ratings?  Which will work better for you?  “Tap that App,” a new feature here at All That Nerdy Stuff, will put two similar apps head to head, helping you decide which one to download and install.  Today’s bout is a head-to-head match featuring popular favorite Words with Friends vs. relative unknown Words by Post.

I’ll admit, I’m a Scrabble and word game  junkie.  I own a well worn and tattered copy of the Scrabble Dictionary, bought after one too many late night fights over a word.  In my house are three (yes, three) copies of Boggle: the regular edition, the deluxe edition, and a second regular edition that I used to keep at my office.  So when Scrabble-type applications started appearing, I was all for playing.

 At the recommendation of my husband, I started with Words with Friends.  This is probably the most commonly used Scrabble-type application, now a member of the Zynga family.  It uses the traditional Scrabble board.  I originally downloaded the free version, but quickly got tired of there being ads between every move, on every game, and paid the ninety-nine cents when the app went on sale.  The interface is easy to use when on my iPod Touch, and setting up the app to find your Facebook friends or Twitter contacts to play is pretty easy.  Based on my own friends list, the app seems pretty popular, with about ten percent of my friends having connected their Facebook account to it.

There are a few drawbacks to Words with Friends.  Playing through Facebook is a whole different story.  The application runs slowly, to say the least.  And I have had multiple occasions where the game “lost” my moves or part of my chat history when switching between Facebook and the iPod Touch.   Also, while the app says that the “random opponents” are matched based on similar skills, I haven’t found that to be the case.  As someone who plays a lot, it isn’t much fun for me to play with a true novice.  I learned that people who are running on Windows-based smart phones can only play through Facebook, as the app is available only to Apple and Android users, which explained why a number of my friends would resign their games after seven days rather than continuing to play through a slow, clunky interface.

It was at this point that I was turned on to Words by Post.  The app is available on multiple formats, and is completely free.  It took me awhile to get used to playing their version of Scrabble, as the board has the “special” tiles (double letter, triple word, etc.) in different locations, and the tiles are worth less points than I am used to.  The interface is much simpler to use, without being cluttered with ads for other games, suggestions of friends to play, or game news and trivia.    I also like the rankings system, where I can see, based on my win-tie-loss record, how I compare with other users of the app.  As a competitive word junkie, I love seeing my score increase as I beat random opponents.  Like Words with Friends, you can connect the app to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, though, admittedly, none of my Facebook friends have connected to the app.

So which app to tap?  That depends on what you’re looking for.  If you need the traditional Scrabble board, or plan on only playing against your Facebook friends, I’d recommend Words with Friends (the paid version.)  If you’re looking for a Scrabble-type game and want to play similarly-skilled players and/or your friends based on their user name, I’d recommend Words by Post.  Personally, you’ll find me on both, but if I had to choose one, I’d choose Words by Post.



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