The Amazing Spider-Man: Xbox 360 and PS3 preview

Amazing Spider-man set to…Amaze gamers?

Spider-Man fans are anxiously awaiting this summer’s reboot. Along with the movie, there’s growing anticipation for the video game version of  The Amazing Spider-Man. However, we will be able to see the web-slinger on our consoles a week prior to the release of the movie. Although the game does not coincide with the movie, it would be ill-advised for fans that are looking to avoid spoilers for the movie to delve into the game version until they see the film.

The game version of The Amazing Spider-Man begins where the movie ends. Due to the starting point of the game fans will have a very good idea of what occurs in the film version. Please allow me to remind the readers one more time. If you are looking to avoid spoilers for the movie you will want to wait until you have seen the movie before picking up your controller to guide Spidey through New York.

Activision developer Beenox has slated the release of The Amazing Spider-Man for June 26, a week before the movie hits the big screen.  The game opens up immediately after the conflict between Spider-man and Dr. Connors not so mild-mannered alter ego.  Peter Parker’s high school crush, Gwen Stacy, has invited him to visit her at work.  She has obtained an intern position at OsCorp.  OsCorp has inherited a massive amount of data on cross-species genetics.  Gwen’s intern position allows her access to some of the more clandestine research being done at OsCorp and she is disturbed by what she has seen.  Gwen has asked Peter to help her uncover the truth about OsCorp’s plan for cross-species genetics. Head past the break for all the details!

From the initial reports about game play it sounds as if Beenox has learned some valuable lessons from last year’s game of the year (in the eyes of several critics and publications) Arkham City.  There is a linear story-line just as there is in Arkham city.  However, players can choose to veer off the beaten path and explore New York.  Doing so will have the wall-crawler running into bank robberies, car chases, and muggings.  Spidey may also be asked to hunt down specific locations and snap some photos.  There are even a few side missions where Spider-Man will need to show off some of his aerial acrobatics for a videographer.

Beenox has said that the city will be very interactive.  They seem to be working diligently to provide players with significant amounts of optional content to explore while playing through the game.  While doing so, the citizens of New York will react to  Spider-Man.  Beenox reps have said “The crowd reacts to your presence. Some will take pictures of You.  Some will ask for your autograph.  Others will yell at you for things that will happen later in the story.”

Combat in this game should be refreshingly similar for gamers.  There is said to be a two button combat system.  One for dealing out punishment and the other for counter attacks against villains.  This should remind players of the combat system in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.  Spider-Man will also have the ability to move throughout the environments and attack stealthily from many different vantage points.  Yet another similarity to the Arkham games.

Unique to this game is Beenox’s interpretation of “spider-sense.”  The “web-rush” feature allows players to slow down time and determine  the best path for travel to get out of a jam or the best way to attack.  Once engaged, players will see silhouettes of Spider-man across the environment.  Players can then highlight the areas and automatically send Spider-Man into a chained together series of movements so that he can reach his destination.

With the huge successes of the Batman games, borrowing some of the gameplay ideas that worked well in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is not a bad idea at all.  Especially considering that we gamers have not been given a decent Spider-Man game.  Here’s hoping that Beenox will continue to refine the game and present the gaming community with a finished product that could give the Arkham games a run for their money.

Here are some released screen-shots of the game:

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