AT&T: Unlimited Data Means Limited, Suckers!

AT&T to Unlimited Data Customers: Eat Shit, Suckers!

I’m an unhappy AT&T customer. Why? Aside from their crappy service, clueless employees and exorbitant pricing schemes, I’m not getting what I’ve paid for, and neither are you. As a customer for many years, I’ve been grandfathered in on the classic “unlimited” data plan. I first got it with my HTC Wizard (AKA Cingular 8125, for those who remember), carried it through a brief period with the awful HTC Fuze (awful not for the hardware, but for the craptacular Windows Mobile 6 OS it ran), then transitioned with it to my beloved iPhone 3G. Two years, three tears and some fears later, I carried it over to my Samsung Focus, the most fabulous phone I’ve ever owned–and still own. In short, my “Unlimited” data plan has been there with me through thick and thin, high-resolution and low, Microsoft and Apple devices alike. I thought it had my back.

But times, as they say, are a-changin’. AT&T has begun throttling the data usage on their oldest, most loyal customers, the ones who’ve stuck it out with them for years and years. Your reward for being a good customer? A thumb in the eye. Go over some arbitrary limit–which they’re not disclosing, but reports say it’s around 2GB, perhaps less, depending on region–and you’ll find your data speeds summarily dropped down to the era of 2G. You’re basically seeing your speeds from DSL to a 56k modem, and worse, it’ll stay that way until your next billing cycle. That “Unlimited” data plan you’re paying for, it seems, now has limits, name be damned.

Way to go, AT&T. Rest assured, I’ll be reviewing my options when my contract is up in a few months, and encouraging others to do the same. A Nerdy guy¬†caught running at dial-up speeds? Not in 2012, baby.


Source: ZDNet

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