Game Traders: Beware!

The key issue is this: you need to do your research, don’t just go to the most obvious trade-in location on your block. You’re in control, and you do have options. I could have done myself–and my fellow game traders–a favor and listed this for about $35, (at least until SOPA passes) giving some lucky person a deal while also helping my own financial cause a little more–win/win for both myself and the gamer who needed a wireless adapter.

It’s not all bad news, of course: on occasion these “one stop game shops” will offer game traders an extra $50 toward a console trade-in, if the customer elects to receive store credit. Depending on the condition of the console, this could be more than the price a “listed” console would sell for elsewhere, particularly if the console is not fully functional.

Here’s another option: shop around for where to sell your games and accessories. When you’re looking to buy something, you tend to look for the best deal you can find, right? Do the same when you’re looking to unload. You might ask, ‘Where can I trade in my used video games?’ Some of the places that offer trade-in programs include:

Best Buy


Toys R Us


Additionally, you can sell your used video games, sometimes for more than anyone will give you on trade-in. Craigslist and eBay are obvious avenues, but a more recent (and effective) one is Glyde, a service that connects buyers and sellers, deals with all packaging and shipping, and generally makes the experience very easy.

So next time you’re thinking of selling off a game or system, or know someone who’s considering doing so, let’s try to help ourselves and those gamers who are monetarily challenged. It’ll be a better deal for everyone involved!

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