Fallout Online: Finally and Truly Dead?

Fallout Online, AKA “project V13”: will it ever see the light of day?

On Monday, Bethesda announced the end of a three-year long legal battle with original  Fallout developer, Interplay. According to reports, Bethesda paid Interplay $2 million in the settlement, under which Interplay surrendered any and all licensing rights to create Fallout Online. If rumors are true, they even agreed to give up the rights to publish their Fallout PC classics, including the original game,  Fallout 2, and  Fallout Tactics.  😥

But the big question is, now that Interplay is out of the Fallout Online picture, will Bethesda develop and release a Fallout MMO of its own? Is Fallout Online dead?

Would a Fallout MMO even be enticing for fans? Tell us what you think!

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