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Review: Ogame

Over the past few months I have been trying out one of the myriad of online browser-based games, named Ogame. This game is produced by GameForge and is a real time strategy space game, where you colonize planets, mine resources, build defenses, attack neighbors and build alliances. This game has some pros and several BIG cons, but first the good news. The layout of the game is great, with easy, clearly marked buttons and panels, but as in so many other areas, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Click past the break for the down and dirty details!


Planets are located on the left in a vertical column, and the different browser views are located on the left in another vertical column. In the Overview you are able to name and rename your planet, relocate your planet (for money) and view current research, Building construction and Shipyard construction that included defensive building such as shields and various forms of artillery.

There are several ways to build a successful Empire, but no matter what direction you as a player take, one of the most important keys to a great Empire are the Technology level of your research lab and of course have the weapons to back up your mouth!

Diplomacy will only go so far in this game because of the strong players and alliances who love to dictate how you have to play the game and it’s always in their favor. Bastards!

Which leads me to the bad…


Players who are higher ranked tend to dictate the operation of the particular universe you are playing in. They will tell you who you can attack, who you can’t attack and when to take a crap. Some blackmail you by demanding resources to leave you alone, others are just plain jerks and Dirty Douchers! ( Example )
There is this little worm noob in my universe that was going around attacking my alliance members who were many times weaker than he. So being the leader I gave him an ultimatum to stop or suffer, he continued so I attacked with
everything I had. I soundly defeat him! Next thing I know I am being attacked by a very high ranked player who wipes out my fleet and all my defenses. Then this little Doucher (EDL) begins raping my resources and knocking down my
defenses before I can rebuild. Then the high ranked Douchbag from the Reapers tells me he will attack me again if I even send a spy probe against EDL, I tell him he is attacking me nonstop which big player responds “LOL too bad,” well fuck me!

I reported this to the Game Operator because the rules clearly state no bullying “pushing” of weaker players. The game operator/administrator does nothing and this still continues as we speak. So the bottom line if you like bully’s and a pay to win system  this is the game for you. If not steer clear of anything made by GameForge!
Another thing that sucks, Free should be Free, but Gameforge in their infinite wisdom decided to add DARK MATTER and OFFICERS to the game. Dark Matter is a substance that can be PURCHASED for real $ and will give you an immediate advantage over the players who chose not to give GameForge money. This is all made possible because of the abilitity to purchase OFFICERS and these OFFICERS give you instant advantage by slanting the game play in favour of the player who shells out money for Dark Matter . Why don’t they call it what it is Kind of Free or not Quite Free or Free if you want to lose?

So the bottom line: If you like bullies and a pay to win system, this is the game for you. If not steer clear of OGame!


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