Fallout New Vegas Patched…with more crap

Don’t Download Fallout New Vegas Patch!

Recently, Bethesda released a update patch for their RPG Fallout New Vegas. I think great, they finally got around to fixing the myriad of glitches and freezes that has been a nuisance since it’s release of  10/19/2010. So I download the patch in Xbox live and guess what – somehow, unbelievably, they’ve fucked it up even more! Now not only are the glitches still there, but all my DLC is missing, and I can’t continue my saved games that I already invested many hours playing to near completion. My head nearly exploded with what came next. Blood and outrage after the break!

At this point I feel like blowing a gasket, I’m pissed! Then days later I get even better news when Bethesda says “If you haven’t grabbed the New Vegas update on 360, we recommend you decline the update until the new one is live. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up.”

Then they say “Regarding the Xbox 360 update, we’ve discovered a solution to the issue that’s causing problems with game saves,” it reads “We’ll be hosting a replacement update on Xbox Live as soon as humanly possible”. OMG YOU FUCKERS, how about checking these things before you release them? Is this to much to ask?  The game had tremendous potential, but you blew it when you released a sloppy P.O.S., so how about you just give me the money back I spent for this terrible game and we’ll call it even?

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