Modded Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 or Modded Warfare 3?

Rumor has it that Activision will be releasing Modern Warfare 3 in time for the 2011 Holiday Season. Modern Warfare 3 will be developed by Infinity Ward with a little help. Sledgehammer Games is helping with the single-player campaign and Raven Software is helping with the multiplayer. In my opinion Infinity Ward needs more than a little help with the Online Multiplayer. Why you ask? Well I’ll sum it up in one word – CHEATERS! Modern Warfare 2 is full of MODDERS, GLITCHERS and LITTLE TEAM KILLING DOUCHEBAGS, and Infinity Ward never dealt with the problem, except for having Microsoft BAN modded consoles that were playing pirated copies of MW2.

I guess they don’t care till it hits their wallets. Instead these guys just released more DLC (downloadable content) for their sorely lacking online multiplayer game. In my opinion Activision should give Infinity Ward the finger and have Treyarch take over the Modern Warfare franchise. Treyarch has proven with C.O.D. Black OP’s that they are willing to take the time to make a level online playing field, by working out the glitches and making it easier to report cheaters and douche bags. Fuck You Infinity Ward!

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