PC Gaming Alliance where are they?

Why is the PC Gaming Alliance not at E3?

With all these press conferences occurring between major game publishers, the PC Gaming Alliance has decided against the having one. Randy Stude, President of PCGA, stated to Bigdownload that E3 is a trade show for retailers. He stated that while console games and hardware are mostly sold in brick and mortar stores, the number of PC titles sold in stores is shrinking rapidly.

But has he forgotten that one of the reasons PC titles sold in store are shrinking is the fact many of these stores don’t carry PC games due to the non-existence of a used game market for these games? I haven’t seen a GameStop carrying PC games (outside World of Warcraft) in some time. E3 is also a trade show where thousands of members of the press report – live blogging, video streaming, twittering, etc – what they see and hear to those who consume the media.
Should the PC Gaming Alliance have a press conference? In short, yes. Microsoft, whose operating system runs most PC games, is also a member of the PC Gaming Alliance, yet had little to no mention of PC gaming during their press conference. Many PC gamers are left with unanswered questions on where PC gaming is going. These leave a question open for answers, so what is the PC Gaming Alliance doing for PC gamers to help resolve the consumer experience?

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