Two Worlds RPG review (part 2)

A continuation of my Two Worlds RPG Review

So now, with most of the BAD out of the way… let’s get to the good. In some ways, Two worlds has more environment nuance than Oblivion or Morrowind. What I mean is that (example) there are woodcutters, and trees that are chopped down. Many little touches like this exist, and they are very nice.

two worlds rpg review dungeons - all that nerdy stuffDungeons are a bit drab however, ranging from the “cave” environment (rock) to the stone wall texture, and are typically just hallways or large rooms with an occasional treasure chest. The game has many different environments, from forest to desert, bamboo forests, islands, (mystery island is fun), creepy foggy marshes, to a scary burnt atmosphere with smoke.
The fog can get a bit old though. I am not even sure there are any monsters in the water. I doubt it.

The interesting part is that there is quite a bit of leeway in the game, where it is not always about killing (like Christmas: kill a tree, turkey, pig… human…) use a resurrect spell (mercy!) and you can go about bringing former opponents back to life. (Or, towns with dead people in them – usually. It does not work on snakes, rabbits, dodo’s etc.) Baddies will not always fight for you, sometimes they just lay around, so they might need… encouragement.

Point of note here: It is unlikely you are EVER going to find another game where Orcs climb into the same bed with a human! Some 3 -4 to a bed. Ha, ha, ha! I laughed when I saw that one. But, I can’t tell you how it happened…that would spoil the fun.

So – there is some interesting exploration in the game, and lots of finding new ways to approach a problem, or even just ‘screw around’ with the AI to get pure comedy. Monsters – I keep finding more types – each can require a different strategy, although many are often straightforward. My personal favorite has often been summoning a Golem to fight for me, and then freezing the opponent in place with a spell like Dead Hands – as a monster will freeze like a statue. It’s even a bit funny. There are any number of spells with what can only be described as having a cartoon-y outcome for a creative type.

It’s especially funny to go into a dungeon and kill a few skeletons, then resurrect them, and then watch a complete mass mayhem battle ensue… (they fight for you) keep resurrecting ones that die, and the fight can get downright huge. It’s worth going into a dungeon just to do. (If they keep coming after you, run away a bit, and they will stop. But, mummies won’t) If a fight lasts long enough, ghosts will start to show up, and then it’s really on – a 3 way. There is nothing like watching the mummies fight the skeletons. Meanwhile, all you need is some popcorn.

There is also a spell that can make opponents mad and confused, and pick a fight with buddies. This is great for getting a 3 way started too. While they fight, go get a few others nearby to lead in… heh, heh.

It’s really not a terrible game, and has a lot going for it, once you get used to it. It is also QUITE large, and well realized. Maybe the graphics are not “superb”, or the sound, or the cut-scenes. It’s not like Dragon Age, (“top shelf”) but that is a good thing – (I could not WAIT for that game to end, I found it b-o-r-i-n-g. So boring I finally just quit.) I felt like I was stuck on a train the whole trip.

Two worlds allows for a bit more imagination, like Morrowind. Where Oblivion put some real limits on players – somehow forgetting that it was a GAME, and HOW we choose to be entertained is up to US. While it seems great to try and “kill the cheats” as it were, it then becomes all about a player being obedient to the developers’ whims, and not about FUN, which is WHY WE PLAY.


This game is a LOT more open-ended than that, and that is probably WHY so many like it, despite some flaws. I am all for “no cheats” in multi-player – but single player? How can you cheat yourself? Achievements are basically worthless anyway. Well, they are to me.

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