Two Worlds RPG review

Xbox  Two Worlds RPG Review

I have been playing Two Worlds for about a week now, and originally – I had played the demo and didn’t like it, at all. Mostly this was due to the camera, and it’s wonkyness, and that it also seems to be one of those where the game world CAMERA revolves around YOU, and not you around it. Not sure how else to explain that…. but it’s weird, and I have seen it before. The camera is also seems a bit ‘stuttery’, but one can get used to it after awhile… but it remains something that could be improved.

So, I tried again, (for lack of any other RPG to play that looked interesting) I made a bit more effort. The camera view is 3rd person with several zoom levels, and one that is “1st person” , but I am not so sure you can fight in that view. It is like Oblivion in many ways: Extensive caves, places to explore, many enemies, side quests, weapons, inventory, skills, fast travel, (horse, fast travel = teleport or portable teleport), etc. Very large in scope.

IF you can get past the camera, and the occasional LOCK UPS (HARD!!!) and stuttery disc access (like Oblivion)… it’s not too bad. Yet, in some ways it’s really more like Morrowind, due to the way battles are handled, hits and overall open ended aspect and possibilities.. Sure is a lot of crap to find, but inventory size is still limited at some point despite a character having massive strength. There are more weapons than you can imagine, more armor and armor types too. The best part is combining them with another of the same variety (to improve) or adding magic, to have better equipment. (“Combine”)

Controls by and large are decent, and there are many control based skills to learn and improve (like swimming and horse riding). Although, riding a horse is a bit like steering a crazed log downstream. Magic and melee handle well, although I have not tried archery, I imagine it is a bit like using magic bolts. There are also some smaller skills like shield use, pirouette, etc.

The voiceovers are just crap (hilariously bad!!) along with a so-so-so story. The plot/story is a very corn on ‘roids, it’s not horrible per say, it’s more of an obvious first effort and cheap (budget speaking here) as in ‘cheaply made’. The v/o bit… I mean words like: “Nay”, “prithee”, “verily”, perchance”, “mayhap”…etc. gets old early, but I suppose one can get used to it. The cut-scene animations are just tragic, really. Beyond bad.

Beyond all that, it’s really not a bad game… if you can get past the bad; and as an RPG it is quite massive in scope. If you can have fun (operative word here) then it might be for you.

There is a lot to do, and it can be quite fun. In general my Two Worlds RPG Review is not bad for an Xbox RPG (barring all I mentioned) with many skills to learn, many UI/inventory things to do like make potions, improve weapons, make magic weapon modifiers, create traps, magic add-on’s like permanent potions, etc. You can keep improving weapons if you find more of them (or buy them). Plus, there does not seem to be a limit on how much magic damage you can add to a weapon either. You make money by selling stuff to vendors… same deal as always.

If you kill a “monster” and are still around come nighttime, well – then you can fight their ghost too. Ever fight the ghost of a ghoul? The addition of ghosts OF dead monsters is (to me) a nice touch, I think. Just when I believe that I have seen every monster there is – another one pops his nasty little head up…. different and new. Keeps things fresh.

Typically monsters only follow you if you run past them for a little ways, and then they will break off… but, if you run a bit, then whack them somehow, they will follow for a long time. I (early on, when I was weak) liked leading them into town and watching them get all beat up. Then (of course) me rich. Bad side here is you need to be aware that you can KILL QUEST givers this way, and it is not that difficult. I lead a cyclops to a quest giver, and he lost in a bad way. Good thing I had already completed that quest.

Some quests are very near, some far, some are all about running around the map, some are just silly…. but I find this typical for RPG’s – often there are “chase the beer” side quests just because of someone’s sense of humor. Regarding travel: The portable teleports are a VERY nice touch, working underground or above ground….if you follow the quest to the end, you should have 3. The horse also helps. Because otherwise, you are walking or running wherever you go. Horses don’t like caves I hear.

The main story has been way too cornball for me to follow, and I am having too much fun beating Orcs and Groms down anyway. Granted, weaker monsters eventually become like the cliff racers in Morrowind at some point, but you don’t have to fight them – you can just run past and they will go back to whatever they were doing

All in all, this is somewhat of a ‘poor man’s’ Oblivion/Morrowind. If you want more of that, then I say go ahead, and put up with a few problems. Lots of game play for a few bucks.

It has been a fairly decent game for a measly $10.00.

The second part of my Two Worlds RPG review can be found here.

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