Call of Duty Classic Review – Xbox 360

A Call of Duty Classic Review While Playing on the Xbox 360

So. I dropped $15 crackers and got myself Call of Duty: Classic, and here is my basic experience.

First off, one can easily see where “Call of Duty” came from as a franchise. There are a number of frustrating levels in the game, that thankfully were cut as ideas as they made sequels. Cheating spawning bots (right in front of you) are still there though, but far more in this PC ported version by Aspyr.
Spawning grenades were not, though. Obviously some moron in marketing came up with that idea, and they have stuck with it like it was glued to their ear. God forbid you stand somewhere for 1/20th of a second! The game, as a throwback ‘to the old days’ is fun nonetheless, so I did enjoy most of it…but some I did not, and irritation is simply not the word I would implement here. Of course, it’s basically a straight port…so, no vibration on the controller, and, much of my “not liking this” falls therefore on deaf ears. Oh well.

My complaints in this Call of Duty Classic review are:
•car level. (try to survive!)
•truck level (same, only worse!)
•truck level (part 2… which leads to… >>>plane level)
•tank level – the Russian tank handles like a real Russian WWII tank! I mean – it is nearly impossible to steer.
•plane level (it’s just the same old boring “artificial game play” – the player MUST keep doing it until they ‘finally succeed at a level that cheats’, and there is no leaving until you do. Games have always been that way, and obviously no WELL DESERVED public beatings have been handed out to the dumb%^$# who came up with that lame-as-all-#&^%ing-#[email protected]& idea. Note: It helps to quit and come back later when you are NOT shouting. Seriously – 1 year of having said implementer’s kicked from Australia to the USA and then the moon through their posterior would barely be a start as a method of rectifying this as a design flaw in SO many games. Plus,I am sure many gamers would love to see the video, or even pay for live coverage. But, I’m probably just bitter.

The truck level, plane level – and several others – well, they are a bit tough for the average player even on ‘easy’ mode, and gets as tiresome as being beaten on with a hammer to the skull. By the time I got through them, I just wanted the whole thing to end, end, end.

My biggest complaint:
I downloaded the DEMO, and played that to the END. So, then I quit and downloaded the game from sheer boredom. But – I had to replay all that crap over again!!! No save file. Gak!  So…I quit around 2 am, and went to bed.

GUESS WHAT? IT DIDN’T SAVE A SINGLE LEVEL, even though I got achievements!!!! WTH??? Start over!!!!

Then I was pissed – and just put it on ‘easy’ (a good move really, because it got a LOT harder!!!) But, I did it because I was pissed off, and felt like I had been forced to run the stupid rat maze three times (which I HAD!!!).

Now, at least one good thing in my Call of Duty Class reivew – Achievements are fairly easy to get, however. Several you can get on the very first level. Shooting is precise though, and for awhile – there is fun to be had, in the tradition of “Medal of Honor” (Playstation). It runs fairly smooth, although plays a bit like something from N64 or maybe Ps1 in overall “feel”. The game play isn’t bad per say, and Nazi’s go down pretty quick, although health packs are increasingly difficult to find in hardest, (final) levels. Add that there is a “lean” ability as well as ‘crouch’ and ‘go prone’ which does add to game play somewhat, and added control over some battles. In some levels this does not matter much, as the enemy magically knows that YOU are the only one that matters, and will focus on you exclusively, even shooting pointlessly at the wall with a mounted machine gun. (HOW uncommon!!!) At least tanks go down with (typically) with one shot from a panzerfaust. Teammate AI isn’t bad, although they do dumb stuff ‘occasionally.’

It is nice to take a trip down memory lane, as this is a game (COD 1) I had not played. But – I would say it is probably a bit overpriced, something MS typically does – by at least $5.00, maybe $10.00. I mean, really – it’s bargain bin stuff for $1.00 on the PC – let’s get real about this. Sorry MS – but you are slowly going the SONY route, and finding new scams to shake cash out of us, and not offer us completely acceptable value for the money we cheerfully, brainlessly hand over. It’s a historic, wrinkled, decrepit, rat run (get the cheese!!!) and then you are done, and that’s it. Sure – there is ancient, creaky multiplayer – but who cares?

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