Video: How Processors are Made, Sand to Silicon

Processors: A Tiny Digital Brain Made For Your PC

A friend sent me this very cool video of how Intel makes processors, so of course I thought, “Hey, that’s some Nerdy stuff!” And sure enough, it is. Check it out, it’s darn cool!

Processors are interesting for a lot of reasons, especially in our modern era. Everything from our desktop and laptop PC’s, to the phones in our pockets run on processors of one kind or another. In the near future we’ll see them integrated into our clothing, appliances, light fixtures, and probably a thousand other things no one can even name right now. So it’s worth familiarizing yourself at least with the concepts of how these amazing devices are made.

Who knows? Your next brain might actually be built using the distant descendants of these techniques, carrying your consciousness well beyond the span of your natural meat-brain life! Whatever else is true, however, one thing is very clear: the way our information is processed today has come a long way, and with the progress Intel and others are making, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see even more amazing things as time goes on.

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