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Romulan Ale – a Light Beer for Nerds

It’s a well known fact: nerds love alcohol, and we love it not because it tastes good but because we imagine that it makes us look cool.

Sometimes, however, that’s undermined by something clearly not cool: an alcoholic drink with a Sci-Fi tie-in. Where cool goes out the window, nerdy impulse takes over. Such was the case for me when, on a trip to acquire some cool (yet tasty) Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry beer, I spied (with my big eye, as my little eye was tastefully zipped up) this 6 pack of Romulan Ale.

And what was I to do, resist? Nay, not I, for the nerdy impulses seized control and the rest was utterly predictable: I bought it.

I’ll be back later to report on the flavor, after I down a couple glasses and piss off some Klingon diplomats.

Update: Romulan Ale┬átastes remarkably like plain old light beer. Kind of a bummer, really, I was hoping the Romulans would be smarter than humans, but I guess life is just full of disappointment, now isn’t it? Oh well, look at the bright side, at least we’re not the only culture in the galaxy where men have a predilection for self flagellation in their drinking habits.

Oh and by the way, I almost forgot to mention: it turns your tongue blue! It’s almost like eating a Louie Blue Raspberry Otter Pop. Or Smurfette.

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