iPhone 3G-S Inbound, My Wallet Weeps

Today Apple, in what appears to be a vicious pattern of flogging my wallet until it cries, introduced the new iPhone 3G-S.  The phone will launch in just shy of a week and a half. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some hot iPhone action and I’ve been in a perpetual state of enthrallment with my current iPhone 3G since I got it in December. Nevertheless a gurgling, hissing voice has arisen with me and several heads have turned as I’ve uttered (uncontrollably) the words “We wants it, precious! Give it to us, it’s ours!” Yes, that’s just the kind of day I’ve had, thank you very much, Mr. Jobs.  Now how can we compare the iPhone 3G vs. 3G-S?

So, beyond the obvious shiny, what does the new iPhone 3G-S bring to all those patient consumers who decided to tough it out? Here’s a quick and dirty chart to show you the difference and what you can expect to pay for that difference. Note also that the chart reflects todays price drop of the existing 8GB model iPhone 3G to 99 effing dollars.

Nevertheless, even the iPhone 3G remains an amazing device that can offer you the ability to be much more productive in your daily doings, so if the price has been what’s holding you back you no longer have any excuse. Unless I’m horribly mistaken (a distinct possibility, I haven’t done the research), this officially makes iPhone 3G the cheapest non-refurb Smartphone on the market.

iPhone 3G vs. 3G-S

Device iPhone 3G iPhone 3G-S
Storage & Price 8GB ($99) 16GB ($199)

32GB ($299)

Features Cut, copy, paste


Widescreen Keyboard

Voice notes

Spotlight Search

Cut, copy, paste


Widescreen Keyboard

Voice notes

Spotlight Search


Faster performance (2x!)

Improved Camera

Video Recording

Video Editing

Post straight to Youtube

Voice Control

Compass (Digital)

My Effing Envy

Camera 2MP mediocrity 3MP

Video Record

Video Edit

Auto Focus

Tap to Focus (dammit!)

Battery Life Good Better (I can’t bare to rub any more salt in the wound)
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