24 Solid State Drives in RAID are very fast and…

Solid State Drives are Fast and Brits are…British

As if you didn’t know it already, our wonderful friends in Britain continue to have really bizarre senses of comedy. Funny as hell, though, so I dare not complain, but check out the oddness of it for yourself. It’s as if one of the popular gadget podcasts got into a train wreck with the Benny Hill show!

It’s a given that a Solid State Drive is already painfully fast (in a good way) compared to the old spinning platter hard disk, you probably haven’t bothered to wonder what it might be like to combine 24 of them in RAID 0. Well, it turns out, that’s what British folks are for, and that’s exactly what they’ve pulled off in this crazy video. Don’t ask how much the build cost. You don’t want to give yourself a heart attack.

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