Video: 3D Scanner is the Coolest Machine Ever

NextEngine 3D Scanner makes 3D Models with Amazing Detail

It takes a great deal of effort to get more cool than the NextEngine 3D Scanner. And at just under 3 grand for the machine, it’s not actually a horribly expensive piece of gear if you’re running a business that could make use of these high detail models!

3D modeling has, of course, been all the rage since the mid 1990’s. But up until now, it’s always been a laborious, painstaking process that had to be undertaken by a skilled artist. Each model has typically been built up, layer by layer, to support the appropriate level of detail for the target device. After that, texturing, color and animation have been added, again usually by hand (though animation’s been supported by MoCap for a long time).

3D Scanning looks like it might be the next wave of tools to help deliver not just more detailed models, but a better workflow. The NextEngine 3D Scanner appears ready to take the field and turn real people and objects into digital equivalents for the next generation. Take a look at what they’re able to do, and let yourself salivate at the possibilities for tomorrow and beyond.

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