FreeWare Review: IOBit Smart Defrag

Great Defragmenter!  My IOBit Smart Defrag Review

OK smartasses, you thought you had me, didn’t ya? You thought “Oh look, he forgot to post up a FreeWare review today”, didn’t ya? Yeah? Well…you’re right. I did forget. I suck! On the bright side, I did already have a plan for it, so we’ll go ahead and with that right now with and IOBit Smart Defrag Review.

Today’s exciting Freeware pick is IOBit’s Smart Defrag software for Windows. Like virtually any defragmenting software it’s far superior to the built in Windows Defrag, but more than that I’d say it’s probably better than many of the commercial defragmenters currently on the market. As a Windows user, the need to defragment your hard drive is a simple fact of life. You either do it or you face a downward spiral of decreasing performance, slower access times for all your software and worse performance for Windows itself. Windows Vista is particularly bad about this; an untended drive can easily become 30-40% fragmented in a matter of weeks or months depending on use (though in fairness, Vista is far more resilient to fragmentation than earlier versions of Windows have been).

IOBit’s product is, without question, the most polished free defragmentation software available today. Its interface is simple and intuitive, it is updated with a frequency that very few freeware programs are, and it’s highly effective at what it does. Beyond just being an on-demand defrag tool, Smart Defrag also has a fair number of serious features. It supports scheduling so you can set your defrag to happen when it’s least intrusive to you (middle of the night? Daytime while you’re at work? Your call!). It supports Auto Defrag, which tries to keep your files from fragmenting to begin with and kicks in a defrag cycle whenever your PC is idle for 5 minutes (or longer, configurable by you). You can configure the software to run whether you’re logged in or not (requires credentials with a username and password), whether it will run at boot, etc. What’s best about all these features, though, is that they’re configurable by you.

Unlike a lot of commercial products, which features you use are configurable by you on a one by one basis. You’re forced to use pretty much nothing with this software, which makes it a real pleasure to use and more importantly, to forget you’re using. If you prefer the software only run on demand, you can do that. If you want it on in the background you can do that too. It’s your choice, and choices are always nice to have.

Final Judgment: Highly recommended, probably the best free defragmenting tool on the market

Website and Download: IOBit Smart Defrag

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