FreeWare Review: IOBit Advanced System Care 3

IOBit Advanced System Care 3 Review

Most people probably haven’t heard of IOBit, but if you use a PC at all you really should. IOBit provides some very interesting free software that I’ve enjoyed using for about a year now, and I’m happy to be able to report that their software is both high quality, professionally polished and updated damn frequently. It’s with this idea in mind that I introduce today’s Freeware Review product, Advanced System Care 3.

Just what is Advanced System Care? Let’s start with the basics. Advanced System Care will help you remove spyware threats from your system, inocculate against future infection by scanning for and plugging known vulnerabilities in the OS (read: Windows flavor) you use, and it will check for items that can be optimized to get a little better performance out of your system. If you’re a user of some of their other free products it’ll integrate with those as well.

Beyond these more obvious tools, Advanced System Care also has a set of tools to perform tasks such as defragmenting your Windows Registry (Yes, it actually helps), backup or update your drivers, optimize your TCP connections in Firefox or system-wide, defragment and free up RAM (the usefulness of this process is a topic of much debate, but there’s no conclusive evidence that it either helps or hinders your system from my experience. It also seems to depend heavily on the tool you use).

Perhaps the nicest part of these additional tools is that, unlike other comprehensive sets of system tools where everything is enabled automagically and ends up actually slowing your system down, all of ASC’s tools must be enabled manually by the user. Therefore if it gets jacked up it’s your own damn fault; on the bright side, ASC is quite diligent in reminding you to set a Restore Point prior to taking any actions that could potentially harm your system, so most hiccups should be a no-brainer to recover from.

So you know: There is also a paid version of Advanced System Care 3, the Pro version, which offers a few extra features. If you’re a serious power user you might want to consider a purchase, but I really believe that the vast majority of people will be more than happy with just the freeware version. Last but not least the software will ask if you want to install the Yahoo Toolbar and set to your search page default. If you already use the toolbar, hey, why not? But it’s entirely up to you and you are not forced to install either option. Personally I don’t.

As with any Freeware product, if you really like the software, consider making a small donation to the developer. Even a buck or two can help support a broke coder 🙂

Final Judgment: Highly Recommended (I install it on anyone’s PC I help fix)

Website and Download: IOBit Advanced System Care 3